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How does a magician make a person disappear?

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A good magician never reveals his secrets, so no one besides them really knows. I'm not sure how since I'm not a magicain. Even I did know, why would I tell you? That would spoil the suspense of watching a magicain.

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What does a magician make disappear?


What is a good sentence for the word disappear?

The magician can make all of the white rabbits disappear.

What is the plural of disappear?

The plural of disappear is disappears. As in "the magician disappears.

How do you use the word disappear in a sentence?

I watched him disappear through the solid wall.My wallet can't just disappear into thin air.The magician made his assistant disappear.

How does a magician disappear under a blanket?

they hide

Name something a magician makes disappear?


What is a sentence for the word disappear?

Where did my money go? Did it disappear into thin air?

What is a sentence using thw word disappear?

Next, the magician seemed to just disappear into thin air.

Why is freaks fathers a magician?

Freaks father is a magician because he disappear when he found out that he was having a kid with medical problems

Use the word disappear in a sentence?

How did a whole tray of cookies disappear so quickly?Thousands of children disappear each day in the United States.The magician waved his wand to make the rabbit disappear.Stick to this diet and watch the pounds disappear!How did that sweet child disappear from her own front yard?No cosmetic in the world can make facial wrinkles disappear.The doctor says the scar on his face will eventually disappear.

How can you disappear?

Invisibility is fictional, unless you are a magician and are practiced at seeming to vanish.

What is a sentence using the word disappear?

The magician made a rabbit disappear. The stains should disappear when the shirt is washed. When General Grant heard the good news, his headache seemed to disappear.

What do you call a person that performs tricks using sleight of hand?

A magician - or conjurer.

Can you give me a sentence with disappear?

The magician was next seen to disappear. A certain type of ink will disappear shortly after you use it to write something.

Is magician an adjective?

No. Magician, like the word artisan, is a noun. A magician is a person with magic powers, or who performs magic tricks or illusions. It is sometimes metaphorically applied to a person with exceptional skill in a particular area: he was a magician with sound systems.

What is a person that do magic called?


What a person who does magic called?


How can the word magician be used in a sentence?

as a person who does tricks or a really good person who you admire eg. he's a magician with the football at his feet.

What is a antonym for Magician?

A non-magical person could be called a Muggle. Magician does not have a direct antonym.

Can you make stuff disappear?

you cant make stuff disappear.

What did Harry Houdini do to make him famous?

He was the world's greatest magician ( at the time) and was an pilot that was the first person to fly in Australia.

Is a calker a person who does magic?

no, that would be a magician

What is the name of a person who does magic tricks?


What do you call a person who performs tricks?

a magician

How do you make a magic fortune teller?

magician fraud the kids. And you know magician is fraud