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Q: How does a mandrill protect itself?
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Why does a mandrill have a red and blue face?

to defend itself

Where does the mandrill live in the rain forest?

That question answered itself. Nice job!

When was Mandrill Is created?

Mandrill Is was created in 1971.

What are a mandrill monkey's predators?

The main predators of he mandrill are leopards. Eagles and snakes are also predators of the mandrill.

What biome does the mandrill live in?

a mandrill zee zoo

How does the megalodon protect itself?

how do young protect itself

how does it protect it?

how does 'what' protect itself.

When was Mandrill - band - created?

Mandrill - band - was created in 1968.

What is the weight for a mandrill?

An adult male mandrill is about 100 pounds

When was Mandrill - comics - created?

Mandrill - comics - was created in 1973.

How does a Blackbird protect itself from danger?

A blackbrid can protect itself from danger by

How does milk fish protect itself?

how dose the milkfish protect itself