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A mother bear is very protective of her cub. She can get very aggressive and attack if someone or other animals get close to them.Mother bears are dedicated to their cubs, yet stern so they learn to survive out on their own when they are old enough.

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2014-03-19 14:19:18
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Q: How does a mother bear act with her cubs?
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What does a polar bear mother teach her cubs?

It is the mother polar bear that teaches her cubs (usually two cubs) by example. Cubs often hamper their mother's hunting, but eventually the cubs become able to exist on their own. A mother polar bear will try to avoid meeting an adult male polar bear, as there is a danger the male may kill and eat her cubs.

What does cubs mean for a grizzly bear?

Well the father bear now has to feed the cubs and the mother bear has to stay home and take care of them.

Where do bear cubs live?

A bear cub lives with its mother wherever she goes.

Do black bear cubs hunt with their mother during the day?

Yes. By mimicking their mother, the cubs learn to be self-sufficient.

Where do polar bear cubs live?

In the North Pole, with their mother.

Why do polar bear cubs stay with their mother?

Food and protection.

What is the farthest distance a mother bear will be from her cubs?

5 ft.

Do father bears live with their cubs?

No. The father bear quite oftens kills and eats the cubs. The mother bear will get quite fierce in driving poppa bear away.

How does a mother bear raise her cubs?

The cubs stay with the mother bear for 2-3 years, nursing while they are with her. As they grow older, they nurse less as they learn how to hunt. Eventully, the mother bear drives them away. For more information, visit the Related Link.

How mother bears act?

they are very protective of their cubs

Will a mother bear feign injury to protect her cub?

Good question. To feign means 'to pretend'. So you're asking would a mother bear 'fake' an injury to protect her cubs? No, but a mother bear would protect her cubs so fiercely that she would risk death for them.

Do grizzly bears live in herds?

No, they are solitary unless the bear is a mother with cubs.

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