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Legal entries, like judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies and foreclosure cause significant deductions to an individuals credit score. These entries are a gigantic indicator of risk. Risk is what credit scores are all about. Try to think of the situation in an objective manner. If you were thinking about lending to someone and found out that another creditor had to sue them to recover money; do you think you'd reconsider before making the loan or possibly charge more interest to offset the perceived increase in risk? As far as credit is concerned, with any legal entry, being paid is simply a footnote. What needs to take place is for the proper DISPOSITION to be recorded. In the case of a judgment, the disposition is either a "Satisfaction of Judgment" or an "Order to Vacate Judgment" (dismissal). Call the courthouse where the judgment was recorded and ask the procedure (which varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction) for obtaining the disposition appropriate for your case. More than likely, you will have to show proof of payment. After you obtain the disposition, be sure to take the additional step of having the new document recorded. There is usually a small fee for this, but it's well worth it. Recording this document will (hopefully) ensure that the disposition ends up on your credit report to "tie up" the legal entry in a nice bow. It's also a good idea to forward a copy directly to any credit bureau reporting the judgment, just in case. If you have a judgment and it is being paid on a monthly basis with all parties in agreement, how does this affect your credit?

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Q: How does a paid judgment affect your credit score?
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How many points does your credit score go up when a judgment is paid?

Each case is different. One of my clients had a very small judgment ($100)against and her score shot up 100 points when she paid it off.

Does closing a credit card account which was always paid on time harm your credit score?

Strangely enough, yes it does negatively but temporarily affect ones credit score.

How does paid closed wriiten off affect your credit report or score?

paid charge off affects your report as it is negative information

How long does judgment show on your credit?

Usually until the judgment is paid.

What is a judgment in personal finance?

When a person is taken to civil court (for example, a credit card company suing a cardholder to get paid back), the court makes a judgment for or against the plaintiff (entity initiating the lawsuit, in this example, the credit card company). If the judgment is for the plaintiff, the result is effectively a judgment against the defendant (the person taken to court in the example). Part of the judgment is the amount that is to be paid to the entity winning the court case (judgment). Judgements against a borrower (and the amount set to be paid by that borrower) will make their way onto the credit report and will cause a drop in credit score.

If you authorize someone else to use your credit card and that person does not have good credit does that affect your credit score?

No they don't care, so long as the expenses on your credit card are paid.

Does paying off your auto loan affect your credit score?

Yes, for the better. Any loan that is paid on time or paid off is a plus.

If you recently paid a judgment will sending a copy of the order to satisfy to the credit agencies adversley effect your credit score by making it more recent or does it go by the original date filed?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows that a judgment [paid or unpaid] be reported for seven years from the date the judment was entered, depending on your state of residence.

Once you pay off a high balance on a credit card how soon will that affect your credit score?

Once you have paid the credit card balance off it will affect your score the following month. This is because the credit agencies only update your credit once a month. So the month following the payment would reflect the new balance of $0 and the score would be raised at that time.

Will a judgment be removed from a credit report if it is paid?

No. It will show that you had a judgment on your credit report for up to seven years, but it will show a zero balance.

Is there a way to buy a home if your credit score is over 600 but you have a judgment against you?

You will need to prove that you have made an arrangement to pay the judgement or proof that it has been paid.

How long does an unpaid judgment stay on a credit report?

Seven years or until the SOL pertaining to the judgment expires. Many states have domestic judgment SOL's that are 10 or 20 years, and many judgments are renewable. The older the judgment becomes, the less affect it has on the credit score. It will may cause other problems, for example, if the consumer wants to buy or refinance a home and in some cases, a vehicle(s), the lender may require the judgment be paid before approving any loan.

Can a judgment be removed from your credit report?

Yes...once it is paid.

Can a judgment affect your ability to buy a home once it has been removed from your credit?

As long as the judgment is marked as paid, you should not suffer any ill effects from having it on your credit. It is always a good idea to have a copy of the paid letter from the court in your files, so it would be easily accessed if requested.

How do you repair landlord tenant judgment from your credit?

Paying the judgment will help, but you will have to wait 7 years for the judgment to fall off your credit. Once the judgment is paid, it will show other landlords that you will fulfill your obligations, regardless of the stain on your credit.

How long does a satisfied judgment stay on your credit report WA?

A paid judgment stays on a person's credit report for seven years. An unpaid judgment also stays on the report for seven years, but may be renewed. Tax liens are another item that stay on a credit report for seven years, if paid. If not paid, they remain on the credit report indefinitely.

If you are an authorized user on someone else's major credit card and the account isn't paid does it affect your credit as well?

It negatively affects both the primary and the authorized user credit score and report.

How long does a judgment stay on your credit report in California?

A judgment will remain on your credit report until it is paid. If you have paid it, take the receipt into the court that issued the judgment and get it marked paid. It may take awhile for the credit reporting agencies to make the change, but you can send each a copy of the paid receipt and a letter which may help shorten the time. Meanwhile, keep a copy of that receipt.

Does closing a credit card with a balance affect your credit rating?

Absolutely!!! Your credit score would go down and interest might be charged. Would be more of a lose for you. Its better to close it with a paid balance!

How do you remove a paid judgment from a credit report?

If the judgment has been paid, the credit bureaus (such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) should reflect this in their credit reports. However, until the legislatively mandated time limits have expired, it will likely not be removed from the report.

If your vehicle was repossessed and you now have a judgment how do you get the judgment off?

The judgment creditor must be paid in full according to the terms of the judgment order. Most judgments are renewable and can remain on a credit report indefinitely until paid.

You paid off judgment How many points will your score increase?

It is importance to pay off a debt regardless of the type of debt that you owe, but your credit score will not increase nor decrease when you make a payment. Time and consistent monthly payments to your debts will increase your score.

How does an agreement on a Chase credit card debt settlement offer affect your credit rating?

A debt settlement offer has no bearing on your credit rating or score. It is only an offer, a proposal. Your credit rating is based on how you have paid the debt in the past 7-10 years. Your credit score is a numerical picture of your assessed risk as a borrower, based on the information in your file at the time the score is requested.

When the credit bureau report updated on a judgment exactly what could they have updated on a judgment that was filed 4 years ago except paid?

If it was not paid in full or settled, the judgment may have been renewed by the judgment holder. Most judgments are renewable and can be kept on a credit report for an undetermined amount of time.

Is it true that a collection that has been paid off will not effect your score after 18 months?

That is not true. It does affect your credit score, but after 12 months, the amount of impact begins to decline. How much of a decline is based on ALL the factors which impact credit scores.