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A person is not immune to HIV.

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2012-11-26 00:32:35
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What role do the following play in educating the public against the spread of the HIV Virus the government the church the home

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Q: How does a person find out if they are immune to HIV?
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What does an HIV test find out about what the body's immune system has done?

Little if anything. It only finds out whether the person has HIV or not.

Explain why the immune system is less effective is a person with HIV?

The reason the immune system is less effective in a person with HIV is because the virus attacks the immune system and makes it weaker.

Can a person live health with HIV without taking medication?

No. A HIV person cant live without taking medicine because HIV affect the immune system of a person

Why is a person with HIV more susceptible to diseases?

Because the HIV virus weakens the immune system of the body.

Could a person who is immune to HIV spread HIV to other people?

well... if u happen to be immune, there is no way you can even have it in ur body. ur immune system knows how to take care of HIV so.... if ur immune to a HIV, u cant even carry it in ur body or bloodstream or whatever...

Who does tuberculosis affect the most and how?

HIV-positive person. Tuberculosis attacks a person when their immune system is low / down. HIV positive people have suppressed immune system and this allows tuberculosis to attack the body.

Why is it difficult for person with HIV to fight off infections?

The immune system of people infected with HIV is compromised and weakened.

Why is it difficult for a person with HIV to fight off infections?

The immune system of people infected with HIV is compromised and weakened.

Can HIV weakened the immune system?

HIV weakens the immune system.

Can a person with blood type o positive get hiv from sex?

People with any blood type can get HIV from sex. There is not a blood type that is immune to HIV.

What happens when HIV turns into aids?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV doesnt necessarily turn into AIDS, but causes the immune system not to work as well. When a person's immune system is very severely affected they are diagnosed with AIDS. HIV itself never changed, just the immune function.

Why does a person with AIDS have a suppressed immune system?

The HIV virus attacks white blood cells, suppressing immune activity.

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