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Firstly, conduct a patent search to check that your invention is new and not already patented. Once you know your invention is unique, file your patent with the US patent and trademark office.

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Q: How does a person get an invention patent?
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Was Alexander Graham Bell important?

He was the first person to patent the invention of the telephone>

Where does one go to get a patent for their invention?

One can get a patent for their invention by contacting the patent office. One must have a detailed summary of their invention and it's purpose in order for it to be patented.

What is patent revocation?

Patent revocation is the removal of patent protection from an invention.

What is another word for registering an invention?

try the word 'patent'. you would patent a new invention.

A license to make use or sell an invention?


Where can you apply for invention patents?

If someone has invented something that they wish to patent, they will need to apply for a patent at the nearest patent office and provide details of the invention, preferably take the invention with them.

What protects an inventors rights to invention?

A patent.

What can you get a patent for?

You can get a patent for an invention that is "new" and "non-obvious".

How to get a patent on a similar patent?

An improvement of an existing invention is itself an invention, and can be patented like any other invention. Contact a patent practitioner (patent agent or patent attorney) for assistance. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has lists and addresses of patent practitioners in every state. Avoid companies that advertise they will "help you get a patent."

What are the steps to take when you have an invention?

When you have an invention, the first step is to get a patent for the invention.

Would a person from another country be able to steal your patent?

They wouldn't "steal" your patent, in the sense that you would still own the patent, but they could certainly use your patent to make, use and sell your invention in any other country where you failed to patent it.

Who has more rights to an invention first in use or first person to apply for patent?

Under US patent laws, the first to invent has the exclusive right to the patent, even if someone else files for or obtains a patent on a similar invention later. This is not the law in any other country and the US law is changing in March 2013.