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A planaria obtains food by using eyespots and special "smelling" cells to locate food. Then the planaria inserts a feeding tube and releases digestive chemicals. Then the planaria sucks up the half digested bits of food. Lovely, isn't it!

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Q: How does a planarian obtain food?
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How do planarians obtain food?

a planarian gets its food bi sucking on a tube called phlanx the food goes into the gastro -sd

How long can your planarian survive without food?

A planarian can live without food for about a week.

How do planarian eat?

the planarian eats by extending it pharnyx through the mouth and sucks food into the intstine

Is it true that a planarian uses its pharynx to locate food?


How does the planarian take in food?

they take it in through their mouth

What is a planarian?

A planarian is a flat worm.

What phylum are planarian in?

Planarian are in phylum Platyhelminthes.

Is a planarian a example of a roundworm?

No, a planarian is an example of a flatworm.

What has a muscular tube called the pharynx which can be extened outside its body to suck in food?


How does a planarian capture its food?

The planarian feeds on crustaceans, larvae, and small worms. To eat, it extends a long, tubular pharynx from its mouth. Through this tube it secretes digestive juice onto its prey, then sucks in bits of partly-digested food.

How does a planarian regenerate?

planarian regenerate by sexual/asexual reproduction

How does planarian digest?

The gut is lined with a single layer of endodermal cells which absorb and digest food.

What is the function of a pharynx in planarians?

The planarian creates a sucking movement with its pharynx in order to ingest food.

In what two ways do planarian show cephalization?

planarian cephalization is developed..

How does the osteichthyes obtain food?

Osteichthyes obtain food by hunting their for their food.

When was Lake Pedder planarian created?

Lake Pedder planarian was created in 1974.

How do cnidarians obtain food?

cnidarians obtain food with they mouth

Where do you obtain your food?

Most people obtain their food from the supermarket.

How does a mucor obtain its food?

mucor obtain its food by eating

How do paramecium obtain their food?

Paramecia obtain food their food through the oral groove.

How do snakes obtain food?

Snakes obtain food through their mouth.

How do animals obtain food?

they obtain food by eating other organisms

How do fungi obtain food?

They have hyphae which are like roots to obtain their food.

How doese bivavlve obtain food?

they obtain food by filtering from the water

Do fungi obtain or makes it's own food?

No they do not obtain there food