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How does a plasma TV work?


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How a Plasma TV Works

Plasma TVs use small chambers of a plasma (gas) to illuminate adjacent areas of phosphors of different colors.

Plasma TVs use thousands of sealed, low pressure glass chambers filled with a mixture of neon and xenon. Behind these chambers are colored phosphors, one red, one blue, and one green for each chamber. When energized, these chambers of "plasma" emit invisible UV light. The UV light strikes the red, green and blue phosphors on the back glass of the display making them produce visible light.


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You can use this Plasma TV which will work with any old VCR since you can buy and converter that you can attached to your VCR to the Plasma TV.

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There is no product called a plasma antenna but a television antenna will work with a plasma television in exactly the same way as other telvisions.

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you can get a plasma or an LCD TV, that will work perfect

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Any brand name plasma TV will work great, such as Sony or NEC.

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No because the LCD or plasma technology is relatively new. It also depends on the maufacturer. Panasonics plasma tv has a 100,000 lifespan versus 60,000 of an LCD. Plasma and LCD are not the same type of tv either.

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