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How does a polar bear adapt?



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The polar bear has white fur this can be different shades of white but their skin is black to help absorb as much heat as possible. They really have two coats of fur, as many cats and dogs do. One is the longer outside coat that is thick, long and guards the undercoat, which lies against the skin, is almost colourless, soft, and fuzzy and short. The Polar bear also has a thick layer of blubber, anywhere from one inch to four and a half inches thick depending on the time of year and the bear's health. They have tiny ears and tails, which helps cut down on heat loss. They are known for their massive paws, measures up to a foot across. These help them swim, walk on thin ice, and have better traction. Their sense of smell is reported to be amazing; they can smell a seal at 20 miles! Also their eyesight is especially adapted for underwater, and their body is streamlined for swimming. They don't have the shoulder hump. They can run up to four to six miles per hour.Polar bears inhabit arctic sea ice, water, islands, and continental coastlines.Polar bears prefer sea ice habitat with leads and polynyas, next to continental coastlines or islands.