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How does a relief pitcher get a save in a game?


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In order to record a save under baseball rules, the following must happen:

The pitcher must be the last to appear in a game won by his team.

The pitcher is not the winning pitcher.

The pitcher enters the game with a lead of no more than three runs, and records at least one out.

He comes in with the potential tying run on base, at bat or on deck.

A pitcher can also record a save by recording at least three effective innings to close out a game, at the discretion of the official scorer.

Consequently, a blown save is when a pitcher enters a game in any of these situations and allows either the tying or go-ahead run to score.

Almost had it - the tying run is on base, on deck, or in the hole. If a team is up by 3 runs and the reliever starts the inning, he can still get the save.

Also the reliever cannot create his own save situation.


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When a relief pitcher comes in while leading & does not give up the lead when game concluded.

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If the relief pitcher pitches 3 innings, and completes the game, and never gave up the lead, he would get a save.

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If a relief pitcher enters the game with the score tied or his team behind and leaves or ends the game with the lead and his team wins, HE (the relief pitcher) gets the win rather than the starting pitcher. He can also get the win if he enters the game with more than one runner on base and the other team takes the lead based on those runners scoring (the runners already on base are charged to the previous pitcher) as long as he leaves or ends with the lead and his team wins.If the relief pitcher enters the game with his team ahead and the other team never ties the score or gets ahead, then the win goes to the starting pitcher. The relief pitcher is credited with a "save" if he finishes the game without giving up the lead.Also - the starting pitcher has to go 5 innings to get credited with the win.

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