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Original Answer: Airsoft guns are use for many things some kids use it to play airsoft some shoot at target airsoft guns are also used to train miltary men and women to use a gun those are some things people do with them

Edit (by Luke Tomaneng): Airsoft guns launch lightweight BB's at an average weight of a quarter of an ounce that are often made out of plastic. They are used in military training and in simulated "battles" for fun.

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Their are 3 basic types of airsoft guns and the each work a little differently. First their is gas airsoft guns in which C02, Propane, or green gas is injected into the barrel when the airsoft bb is loaded. In most gas airsoft guns the gas is stored in the mags and some have a blowback function in which a new bb is loaded when the slide comes back after each bb is fired. Next their are electric airsoft guns or AEGs. They run sort of like a spring gun and each time you pull the trigger the electric battery runs motor which then in turn runs the gears in the gearbox to pull back the spring and release the bb. Most airsoft players have AEGs because of great reliability and you don't have to buy gas or change it ever so often. AEGs also can be upgraded in many ways internally. For example you can upgrade the spring to get higher fps, but you will need to have a good battery for power and also make sure the motor can handle the new spring installed. Gears also may need to be changed to support the gun. Another upgrade you can add is a better barrel which in turn will provide better accuracy. Lastly AEGs have a hop up system that controls the bb elevation when exiting the barrel. The Third basic airsoft gun runs on a simple spring in which you have to pull back ever time you fire.

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Spring Airsoft Shotguns work by pulling back on the pump handle. This locks the main spring into place, and when the trigger is pulled the spring moves forward pushing compressed air through the cylinder and air nozzle. This in turn pushes the BB out through the barrel. Most Spring Airsoft Shotguns shoot out only 1 BB per shot, but there are some multi-shot models that shoot out 3 or more BB's per shot.

Gas Airsoft Shotguns work by the same principle, except that instead of compressing air for the shot, the gun will store a compressed gas, HFC22 or Propane, in a chamber. The compressed gas is released when the trigger is pulled, which in turn pushes the BB through the barrel. Most Gas Airsoft Shotguns are multi-shot models that shoot 3 or more BB's per shot.

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I could go into all the details but I'll try and keep it simple... When you pull the trigger the hammer quickly pushes a button on the back of the magazine, that quickly opens a valve and lets out a small bit of the pressurized gas, when that gas is released it pushes the BB out of the barrel.

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Spring airsoft guns work of manual operation. This means that you have to pull or move a part to get it to function. Here's the basic parts that make it function:

- Cylinder

- "Piston"

- "Piston head"

- Piston catch

- Trigger

- Spring

- Spring guide

The cylinder is what the air is funneled through.

The piston is what is getting release to come forward in the cylinder to push the air.

The piston head is a rubber cap that fits on the front of the piston to make a good air seal as the piston is coming forward through the cylinder.

The piston catch is what is the piston is being held back on before the trigger is pulled.

The trigger is what releases the piston catch to send it forward.

The spring is what is pushing the piston.

The spring guide is what the spring sits on.

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These are the basic steps to all to electric Airsoft guns:

1.) Battery spins motor

2.) Motor spins gears

3.) Gears pull back spring

4.) Spring releases

5.) Spring pushes piston

6.) Piston pushes air through a small hole called a nozzle

7.) The air pushes the bb out of the barrel.

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An electric Airsoft gun works with an electric motor. It has a built in rechargeable battery that provides the power to the motor itself.

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Q: How does a semi automatic airsoft gun work?
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Is a spring m16a2 airsoft gun semi-automatic?

if it fires more than one round (or BB ect.) it is not. By definition semi-automatic means it will fire with each pull of the trigger.

Is airsoft m14 full auto?

Quality airsoft guns are fully automatic. Most any airsoft gun on is full unless is specifies "semi only"

What is semi auto on an air soft gun?

A Semi Automatic Airsoft gun is usually a Gas or Electric powered gun that you cock once when first shooting; then each time you pull the trigger the gun shoots off 1 shot. This is not the same thing as a Full Automatic Airsoft Gun, where you can hold down the trigger and the gun will shoot off multiple shots.

What's the difference between a semi automatic and a automatic gun?

In a semi automatic gun you have to pull the trigger for each shot. In an automatic gun you just have to hold the trigger in to empty the clip.

Is there such thing as a semi automatic bullet?

No. Semi-automatic describes the gun's action.

Does a sro1 airsoft gun shoot fully automatic?

no, it doesn't

Where can you find a automatic sniper airsoft gun? right side

Is the VEX OR paintball gun automatic?

No, it is semi-automatic only.

Is the m16 airsoft rifle automatic?

If the gun is spring then it is most likely not automatic but if its electric it is most likely automatic.

Do you have to cock all semi auto airsoft?

You only have to cock it if it is a spring gun.

What is an electric airsoft gun?

an Automatic Electric Gun or AEG is am airsoft gun that runs off a battery to fire bbs instead of being hand cocked or powered by a compressed gas.

Why does your airsoft gun Dboys BI-3981 M4 go fully automatic when you click it to semi?

Check cut-off lever and trigger switch assembly for wear&tear and replace them.