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There is usually a sticker with a small diagram of the belt path on the fan shroud or somewhere near under the hood near the nose of the truck. You'll probably need a 3/8 or 1/2 extension and rachet to move the idler pully into position for slipping the belt in place.

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Q: How does a serpentine belt go on for a 1995 GMC Sierra?
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How many belts does a 2002 GMC sierra have?

like drivebelts? Just one serpentine belt.

How do i replace the serpentine belt on a 1990 GMC Sierra?

Take the old one off put the new one on

How do you change the kingpin on a 1995 GMC sierra?

The 1995 GMC Sierra doesn't have kingpins.

Why does the serpentine belt keep slipping off the 1995 gmc sierra pickup?

that truck has 4 belts that may fit. 2 belts with ac 2 belts without. you need a size 55

How do you change serpentine belt on 2006 gmc envoy?

How do you change a serpentine belt on 2006 Envoy

Instructions for replacing a master cylinder in a 1995 C1500 GMC Sierra?

how do i replace the maser cylinder on a 1995 GMC Sierra

How do you take the serpentine belt off a 2000 GMC Jimmy?

i brought my car to mechanic they install the serpentine belt # 950k6 is that the right belt

Will a hood from a 1994 gmc sierra fit a 1995 sierra?

yes it will

Where can you find a diagram for serpentine belt in a 2000 GMC Sierra?

try checking right under the hood somewhere. alot of them have them on a sticker on top of the radiator and or fan housing.

Find an installation diagram for serpentine belt for a 1990 Chevy pick up 1500 series?

i need a diagram for serpentine belt for 1990 gmc 350

How do you remove the interior left door panel on a 1995 GMC sierra?

How do I remove the left side door panel of a 1995 Gmc Sierra without breaking the door panel?

How do you install a drive belt on a 2002 gmc Serria?

drive belt for what on this vehicle? do u mean serpentine belt,or fan belt,or timing belt?

Do you have a Belt diagram for 1989 GMC Sierra?

Check the belt wiring diagram on the top of your radiator.

How do you replace the air conditioner belt on a 2000 gmc sierra?

1. Make sure that when you purchase a new belt, they don't try to sell you the full size serpentine belt. 2. There is a diagram of the belt routing on your truck when you lift the hood. Follow that. 3. Unfortunately, you need to remove the serpentine belt to replace the air conditioning belt.... the belt routing for the serpentine belt is also shown on the diagram. 4. To remove the serpentine belt, get a ratchet set, and crank the "self tensioning" assembly to release tension on the serpentine belt, and remove the belt. 5. There is another "self tensioning" assembly for the air conditioning belt. Crank to place the new AC belt on and release. 6. Re-install the serpentine belt. This is an easy fix... it took me less than 20 minutes, I'm not a mechanic.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1992 GMC Safari 4.3L?

I don't know too.

What kind of oil goes in a 1995 gmc sierra truck?


What is recommended oil for 1995 GMC sierra 1500?

SAE 5w30

What model transmission does a 1995 gmc sierra 2500 have?

It should be a 4L80E.

What is the spark plug gap on a 1995 gmc sierra?

plug =ACCR43TS 1995 SIERRA 5.7L V8. PLUG GAP= 0.90MM OR 0.035 INCH.

1995 GMC Sierra torgue setting for wheels?

125 ft lbs.

How do you replace serpentine belt on 2003 gmc envoy?

The diagram is under the hood. Pull tentioner to release tention remove belt/ replace

Where can you find a serpentine belt diagram for a 1997 gmc savana?

There should be a decal under the hood soemwhere

Can you put 6x9 speakers in a 2000 GMC sierra?

yes it can be done , i just did it on my 1995 gmc sierra extended cab , e-mail me for more info ...

How do you disable the seat belt alarm for the driver's side on a 2008 GMC Sierra?

Buckle your seat belt, works every time.

Does GMC sierra 1995 have front wheel bearings?

Yes it does. It has inner and outer bearings.