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A simple AC generator works via a magnetic field. There is voltage induction into a coil of wire within the magnetic field, and as the voltage increases, the magnetic field increases.

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How does an ac generator work?

An ac generator works when the voltages appearing at the two wires alternates between positive and negative and then negative and positive each time when the magnet makes a complete revolution. An AC generator is a simple generator.

Does an alternator work similar to an ac generator?

Alternator and ac generator is equal

How does a simple generator work?


What is the difference between a simple AC generator and a power station generator?

The main difference is that a simple AC generator is one meant for personal or household use that plugs into a wall's AC outlet. It is much less powerful than a power station generator, which usually must be wired into a main electrical supply. +++++ Errr, why would you plug a generator into a household mains socket? I'm glad I am not your home insurer!

Ac generator construction?

what is the construction of ac generator

Which is usually produced by a generator ac or DC?

An ac generator produces ac, a dc generator produces dc, it all depends on the generator.

How is a DC generator better than a AC generator?

It isn't. A DC generator is better if you want DC, but an AC generator is better if you want AC.

How does an AC generator work GCSE triple science level physics?

by eletric

What is AC generator principles?

The AC generator is basically the same as an DC generator except that the ac generator has slip-rings but now thery are starting to replace them with the split-ring commutator.

Does a generator produce ac or DC voltage?

NO, generator always generating AC current,when commutator is used,at that time AC is converted in DC.and due to this generator is called dc generator.

How do you turn an AC generator into DC?

It may not be possible to physically convert AC generator to DC generator. What can be done is that 'Rectifier' of suitable capacity can be connected to the out put of AC generator to get DC supply.

Is dynamo an AC generator?

DC generator

How do you step down frequency and voltage from an AC generator?

You step down voltage from an AC generator with a transformer.You step down frequency from an AC generator with a motor/generator set, or with an inverter. This is not a common thing to do.

What is another name for an ac generator?

an induction generator

Is ac power produced first in a dc generator?

It can be, however AC power is generally produced directly by an AC alternator/generator.

Can i have a view of the power circuit of an AC generator?

please how can i diagnose faults on an AC generator power circuits?

How ac is generated?

With a generator...

Which is a source of AC?

a generator:)

How do you change over a ac motor to a dc generator?

Type your answer here... how can you change an ac motor to a dc generator

Will a DC welder run off of a AC Generator?

If the DC welder is designed to plug into an AC power source, then it can run off of an AC generator.

What is the difference between an AC and DC generator?

There are several differences in AC and DC generators. In an AC generator, the current can flow in both directions. In a DC generator, the current can only flow in one direction.

Can a motor work as a generator?

since the physical construction of a DC motor and DC generator is the same,it can work either other words,yes a DC motor can work as a DC generator(if you drive it by a primemover it will produce electricity).however its not possible with all AC motors.

Is an electric motor and a generator very similar devices or entirely different?

They are very similar devices. They both involve a rotating shaft and coils of wire used as electromagnets. However, only certain types of simple DC motors, can be used as generators with no modiication. AC generators need careful control of the feild coils, via special circuits. Putting AC back into an AC generator will not make it work as a motor. The small DC motors found in toys, can be used directly as a small DC generator. You will find this in practice, in hand generator flashlights. The generator used for charging the battery, is no more than a model motor.

What is an ac power source?

a generator

How do you reverse single phase ac motor to generator?

how reversing an ac single phase induction motor to wark as induction generator

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