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Squids have a beak that is concealed on the underside of their head. They find a target and attack with their tentacles, and then push the food into their beak.

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Q: How does a squid obtain food?
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How does a giant squid obtain it's food?

By actively hunting for it.

How does Spotted Dolphins obtain its food?

Spotted dolphins enjoy a diet of squid, small fish, and free-swimming sea slugs. They tend to obtain their food by carefully hunting near the surface of the ocean.

What does colassel squid eat?

colassel squid food

What is the structure the helps a squid bites food?

Its beak helps the squid bite its food.

What is the importance of squid?

Squid are the favorite food of the sperm whale.

What is the food web for a giant squid?

wales other squid

Food chain of a squid?

if a squid eats fish and a shark eats a squid what eats the shark ?

How does a squid obtain oxygen from its surroundings?

Squid have gills along their sides... thus obtaining oxgen similar to a fish

How do squid obtain oxygen from water?

same way the fish do

What is a collar on a squid?

the collar helps the squid digest it's food

Which food group does squid come under?

Squid is from the cephalopods and are a meat.

How does a squid get their food?


How does the Bigfin Squid get its food?

The bigfin Squid eat the small fishes for dinner

How does a giant squid eat it's food?

Squid (of any size) have beaks, which they use to bite off their food, which they then swallow.

Is a squid a producer or a consumer?

Consumer! Squid are predators!(they hunt food!) As apposed to a producer,(that would be something that grows,or harvests its food)

How does a squid find food?

with there eyes

What Arrow squid eat?


Is it calimary?

Squid served as food

Squid as food?

Sure, squid is what "calamari" really is. It's squid tentacles. It's pretty good if it's cooked right.

How does the osteichthyes obtain food?

Osteichthyes obtain food by hunting their for their food.

Why is it difficult to identify stomach contents in a squid?

The squid breaks its food up into tiny pieces, it also digests food pretty fast, so unless the squid is caught with a full caecum, there wont be much recognizable contents of food.

What parts does a squid have to help it capture and hold food?

It's tentacles/suction cups: This gives the squid an easier way to grasp food.

Is octopus and squid good food source?

Octupus is a ok food source as long as it is not calimari eich is also good but i do not know about squid :)

Are squids marsupials?

No. Marsupials are vertebrates, i.e. they have a backbone. Squid are invertebrates (no backbone). Marsupials have pouches. Squid do not. They release eggs into the water. Marsupials obtain oxygen by breathing, using lungs. Squid obtain oxygen through a pair of long 'gills' covered in leaflets called lamellae. Marsupials have fur, hair or skin. Squid do not. A kangaroo (for example) is a type of marsupial.

What is the food chain of a giant squid?

sperm whale,tinier squid,and ocean floor crestations