How does a thoriac curvature occur?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: How does a thoriac curvature occur?
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What is an exaggerated thoracic curvature?

Kyphosis is an exaggerated outward curvature of the spine, which causes hunching of the back. It can occur at any age but is usually prominent in older women.

What effect does contraction of external intercostal muscles have on thoriac volume and how is this accomplished?

both of them

Which anatomical plane does lordosis occur?

Lordosis is a spinal curvature in the median plane with an posterior concavity.

What is the difference between Radius of curvature and centre of curvature?

the center of curvature is the ORIGIN of the radius of curvature

Which spinal curvature is the most superior one?

The cervical curvature is the most superior spinal curvature.

Is the cervical curvature considered a primary curvature?

No, the cervical curvature is considered the secondary curvature, the primary curvatures are the thoracic and sacral curvatures. The lumbar curvature is also considered the Secondary Secondary curvature (yes that's two secondarys, as in the second secondary)

Is the cervical curvature a primary or secondary curvature?


What does curvature ratio mean in tubing?

Radius of curvature divided by tube diameter. To get the radius of curvature, imaging the bend in the tube is a segment of a circle, the radius of curvature is the radius of that circle.

What is difference between curvature and radius of curvature?

Curvature is a general term to describe a graph. Like, concave or convex. Radius of curvature is more exact. If the curve in a 'small' section is allow to continue with the same curvature it would form a circle. that PRETEND circle would have an exact radius. That is the radius of curvature.

What is the curvature of circle having radius a?

1/aAccording to Wikipedia,"The canonical example of extrinsic curvature is that of a circle, which has curvature equal to the inverse of its radius everywhere. Smaller circles bend more sharply, and hence have higher curvature. The curvature of a smooth curve is defined as the curvature of its osculating circle at each point."

Has a convex lateral surface called greater curvature and a concave medial surface called lesser curvature?

The stomach has a greater and lesser curvature. The greater curvature is the more lateral of the two.

How do you spell curvature?

That is the correct spelling of "curvature" (a curve in appearance or design).