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There are many types of transmitters. Thesimplest is the Amplitude Modulated (AM) transmitter. This is an oscillator that cycles at a predetermined frequency. This oscillator puts out a level of energy that is varied by the sounds that you desire to transmit. This variance is done from 100% of the signal to 0%. The output then is two frequencies combined one at the stations frequency and one at the frequency of the sound transmitted. The receiver throws away the transmission frequency and amplifies the frequency of the sound.

Bottom line is you only hear the sound stuck into the transmitter.

F.M. is the same as AM but instead of varying power, we vary the frequency with the desire sounds we want to hear. The receiver sees that variance and converts that to sound.

Phase shift, DSB, SSB and the others are merely more complex variances to these basics.

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Q: How does a transmitter work?
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