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With a calculator ok, video game designing is a very large field.

CG people who do like rigging and modeling are using 3D software packages, and if you don't understand math, it's basically impossible to understand how the program actually works.

Programmers (this is probably the easiest one, aka the tech side of of this whole thing) write well programs. if you don't know anything about programing, you can't program with at least like algebra skills, bar none like +,-,x,/ at least, because programs work with numbers.

So yeah, without math you can't program, without programming, there's no video game. Also if you could prove something about logic and math skills going hand in hand, because programs are logic and math.

Like say you're playing a shooting game. when you fire at someone, there's a chance you will and a chance you won't hit them, right? if you don't understand how this works, you can't program it.

also, all RPG Video Games go back to real RPG games (like D&D). In order to write the code needed to provide things like you character leveling up, gaining xp, doing damage the programmer has to be able to understand how the math works to make sure the program gets written correctly.

Yeah, programmer is probably the easiest do to there, just guessing. but without programing, a video wouldn't be possible at all. even the on the artist side, they need to know how to write program to help them work. Like you can write code to make long things easier in say photoshop.

simple answer here though - everything in a computer is math

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Q: How does a video game designer use math?
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How does a video game designer use math in designing a game?

It varies very much by the type of coding the designer* is creating. But commonly similar between all video games is the coding and scripting of the game. There are a lot of variables that have to be defined so the game can function with limitations etc. For coding such as java, one has to use math to predefine a system of numbers for things such as ; size of maps, damage ( if it is that type of game ) , etc.

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Yes, you do you have to know how to update it see how many days its going to take.

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Becoming a video game designer is not as easy as it seems. First off, you need a bachelors or masters degree preferably in computer science. Designing a video game requires a lot of skill in writing computer code. Excellent skills in math and writing would also be preferred. A well-written game also needs a well-written stroyline to keep players drawn. If you are just interested in the graphics in the game, then experience in the field of graphic design would suit you well.

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