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How does a website know your zip code or location?

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You've been there beforeA web site cannot determine your zip code or location from your computer. Your IP address can indicate only the country in which you reside. If the site already has data on you, it's because you've been to the site already.

I disagree with the above answer. I just visited this website: I have never been there before and when the page loaded, it already entered my city in the appropriate field and I do not have any type of 'auto-fill' selected on my browsers.

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What is the zip code of my location?

I dont wanna take a risk and tell, sorry

Where is the zip code 00001?

There exists no such zip code. Therefore there is no such location.

Where can I get a zip code pamphlet?

This website has everything you need to know about zip codes in the USA, including census data and a huge database of every zip code:

What is the us zip code number?

There are zip codes and zip+4 codes for every location in the US. To find a zip code for a location, you can use either of the related links.

How do I find out my zip code?

We are unable to personally provide you with this information because we do not know who you are nor which country you are in, nor your geographical location.Your zip code should be on any mail you have received.Try using this website: Click Here.Simply type your address into the search box and you should be given your zip code.Failing that, visit your local post office. They will know.Some countries do not use the term "zip code", some use the term "post code" and so on.

What is US's ZIP code?

That depends on the location. Each city or town has its own Zip Code.

What is Nigerian's zip code?

The Nigerian Zip code is 234. Postal code depends on your location Lagos, Abuja

Pakistan zip code?

No zip code. can you let me know about Pakistan's country Postal/zip code

What is the zip code for the location at 1428 se 36th ave portland Oregon?

Zip code: 97214

What website lets you look up your zip code?

The USPS website has a ZIP Code Lookup feature right on their website. If you have your street address, you can type it in to get your corresponding ZIP code. See:!input.action

What is the zip code of Tabuk?

I need to know the zip code of tabouk?

Kabul zip code?

i dont know what is zip code kabul

How can i find out what my zip code is?

You can look up your zip code online at the United States Postal Service (USPS) website by entering your street address. You can also find your zip code at the website ZipInfo.

What is Togo zip code?

I would like to know about the zip code of Togo

What is dokki zip code?

i need to know what is the zip code of dokki area?

What the zip code of the Philippines?

depends on an specific location

Which website offers a free zip code search?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) website provides a zip code search facility. To locate a zip code you will have to provide a street address, city and state.

What is the zip code to Santa in Antarctica?

Wrong location. The North Pole is in the Arctic, not Antarctic. The given ZIP code is 47579.

What is the zip code for Elmhurst NY?

You can find any US zip code at the USPS website.

Is there a website for reverse zip code searches?

Websites such as WhitePages, iTools, and US Info Search allow you to do reverse zip code searches. The USPS website and Yellow Pages also allow you to reverse zip code searches.

Where can I look up a postal ZIP code for a US address?

The USPS website shows zip codes for any addresses in the US. United States Zip Codes website will also show you the zip code for an address in the US.

What is the best site to use for a zip code search?

You can use the USPS website to find a ZIP code for sending a letter. Another website you could try to use to find ZIP codes is United States Zip Codes.

Zip code example?

A ZIP code is used for the postal system to help find a location more efficiently. Examples of zip codes are 43606 for Toledo, Ohio.

What location does zip code 44721 vote?

Canton, Ohio

Is it safe to put your zip code in on a website?