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(mikayla)The OUiji board.. You have to have two people first to play. To have full affect turn off all the lights. Ask it question all sort. Keep your hands on the little wood block. And when you ask it a question it seems to move on its own. You close ur eyes when u ask but when the answer comes up open.

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Q: How does a weegie board work?
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What do you do if no one answers you on a weegie board?

Stop using it.

Is there a way to bring spirits into your house?

weegie board

What is the weegie bored?

A weegie board that has a cursor on it and it is a board that you can put on the table and when you try to talk to ghosts sometimes the ghost will move the cursor to point to letters to make a word.

Is weegie board a ghost game?

yes because you speek to the dead

Are demonic toys real?

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aye its real

When you are play the weegie board and there is a bad spirit what do you do?

From what I heard, you quickly move the planchette to GOODBYE and then flip the board over. Then, If you want, after a minute or two, you can pass some burning white sage over it. That is what I have heard, and recommend. For better protection, burn some white candles while playing the Ouija Board. Sincerely yours, eragon41 on

Are ghosts nice?

Some Ghosts are Nice,but most of them arent, if your thinking of doing something like a weegie board i would advise you to as you realy know whats going to happen. people have had to many good experiences with weegie boards and never forget them. Ghost's are nice some are mean and evil I HAVE a necles when it turns read that means evil ghost and nice ghost the necles i have the name is called the evil eye

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