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Finding a Good ManShe goes out in the woods with a piece of steak and hits him over the head and claim him. No Im just joking. Depends of what kind man you want. Do you want a laborer or an executive. First figure what type of man, then you need to go to place that that particular type associate at. Do your homework first. If you have a particular look and demeanor of man you must narrow it down to that. I would say go to a few different places in your area and if you spot someone, check his ring finger, not always telltale, and go from there. Have fun with the courting because its fun. Second OpinionYou have to follow the real rules and not the old rules

Real rules for finding the right relationship:

1. treat men the way you want to be treated

2. Remember men need as much love and resurrance as u do

3. stay away from men who don't like the old rules

4. don't play games

5. be yourself

6. if u like someone let him kno

7. ask questions before u get too involved

8. don't date men who aren't completely available

9. look for a man with good character

10. pay attention to signs of possible problems

11. judge a man by the size of his heart, not by the size of his wallet

12. be fair don't practice double standards

13. don't fall in love with a man's potiential

The real rules for communicating with men:

1. be honest bout your feelings

2. show your most attractive feature - your mind

3. be emotionally generous, not emotionally stingy

The real rules about sex:

1. wait until you are emotionally intimate before becoming sexually intimate

2. don't lower yourself to behavin like a sex object

3. apply the real rules in bed

the real rules about gettin a man to make a commitment:

1. make sure your relationship goes through the four stages of commitment

2. emotional commitments are more valuable than an engagement ring

3. never pressure a man into makin a commitment

#2 answer; You list alot of stuff. List please the 4 stages of commitment. For I am ignorant to this! and what is the old rules?

Dis for the person who is slow lolThe four stages of commitment:

1)Commitment to be sexually and emotionally monogamous (you and your partner agree this is your one and only intimate relationship. Both of you agree that you are each others sexual partners.

2)Commitment to work toward a partnership (Both of you agree that your relationship is special and worth nurturing, agree that relationship has the potential to be a lasting partnership and agree to both work on honestly communicating feelings and understand one another.

3)Commitment to spend your future together ( agreement to spend your future together , formalize your commitment by either: becoming engaged to be married ,planning on becoming engaged as soon as possible , deciding to live together and continue working on yourselves and the relationship in order to eliminate any remaining doubts or abstacles to a successful lifetime commitment.

4)Commitment to spend the rest of your lives together ( agreement to spend the rest of your lives together and have total trust and faith in your relationship.

Old rules men1)want to feel like they are in control

2)think of the male sex as superior

3)believe women have a limited role in life

4)are uncomfortable with real intimacy

5)don't like powerful women

6)think their opinon counts more

7)addicted to the chase and are more likely to cheat when bored

8)judge you by your looks, weight and breast size

9)want to feel smarter dan you

10)don't like to be questioned or challenged

11)aren't interested in improving themselves for you

12)don't want the relationship go too deep

13)will be threatened if you surpass them in any area (your intellect'your income,etc.


the way you can find a good man is to look hard but not to hard because destiny takes time.another way you find the man right for you is to know what you are searching for from strong to weak you can always find what your looking for and like it. you can also find a good man by not having sex with him on the first date, but by the kiss, so do you like a ruff kiss or soft one because it will always help you know who is good in bed or not and the better the kiss the more he is into you and the love and sex will be good.

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