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Video cards have their own memory. Adding RAM to the machine will help graphics performance, but not as much as a card with more on-board memory.

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Q: How does adding RAM affect video card?
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Video card ram affect what games can be played?


What criteria affect how much video RAM is needed for a video card to hold one frame buffer?

The screen resolution(in pixels), the number of colors, and the enhancements to the color information affect how much video RAM is needed for a video card. Pg 389 of A+ Guide to managing your pc, 6th edition.

Can adding more RAM take the place of buying a video card?

RAM will only allow you to run more programs or more resource consuming ones. A video card will allow you to render more advanced 3D graphics etc. So that would be a no.

Will adding ram to your computer speed it up for video games i have a 1.3 ghz processor and 4gb of ram windows 8.1?

Yes, by adding RAM to your computer will increase the performance of your video game.

What criteria affect how much video video ram is needed for a video card to hold on frame buffer?

the screen resolution, the number of colors and the enhancements to color information.

Does the nvidia geforce 8600 GT have a RAM slot?

no video has ram slots video cards have video ram built onto the card itself

What value obatined when you install more video ram on video card?

Well first of all, you dont add video ram to a video card. The ram is soldiered onto the video card. In order to upgrade your video ram, you will have to replace the video card. Doing so will benefit you in any 3-d applications (games) you run. If you arent much of a gamer, you probably wont benefit at all, if you are a gamer, a new video card can breathe a whole new life into your old computer.

Do GDDR5 video card run on ddr3 ram?

System RAM and Video RAM are two separate technologies, and do not directly depend on each other. It is possible to run a video card with GDDR6 on a system with only DDR1 RAM installed, and just as possible to run a video card with GDDR1 on a system with DDR3 RAM installed. Having a high speed GDDR video card will improve rendering performance, while having high speed RAM will improve loading times.

Does adding more RAM or adding more ROM affect the performance of your computer?


What is the value of adding additional video ram?

large amounts of video ram keep the card from having to retrieve this data from the hard drive or system. so in addition to improved performance, the graphics card might use buffering, in wich the card will hold not only the frame being built but the next few frames as well.

I have an additional 256 ram but it is showing 480 ram installed but not 512 ram.?

You most likely have an integrated video card. Integrated video cards do not have their own memory, and use system memory (RAM) for video. Your video card is using 32MB of your ram. On most computers you can change the amount available to video by logging into bios and changing video memory amount.

What criteria affect how much video ram is needed for a video card to hold one frame of buffer?

the screen resolution, the number of colors and the enhancements to color information.

Do cpus affect how games are played on a computer?

Yes. A fast CPU is important to how games are played on a computer. More important than the CPU are the amount of RAM in a computer and the video card. You could make do with a less powerful CPU with more RAM and a great video card.

Will increasing your computers video drivers to one of the latest versions increase the dedicated video ram?

No, Updating to the latest driver will not increase the video RAM. This is a chip on the video card or on the motherboard using the pc RAM. The only way to increase the video RAM is by making a change in the bios if it allows you. Some are set and not changeable and if its not already set to the max, or buying a new video card with a larger amount of RAM

What is the most common video RAM technology for a laptop video card?

Ddr sdram

If a motherboard can only use DDR ram can the video card use DDR3 ram?

no ? i think ..

Can you upgrade an hp pavilion dv1000 video card?

No, the video card is integrated into the mother board. There are ram upgerdes available though.

Does the amount of RAM my computer has affect the type of graphics card I can purchase?

Somewhat, it can affect the speed of loading times. Many graphics card have their own built in ram. I recently purchased one and it had 1 GIG of ram.

What can you do to make your computer more compatible for games?

Adding more RAM and getting a newer video card are the best ways to make your computer better able to handle modern gaming.

What is meant by a video-ram?

Video-RAM is the memory built into your video card specifically reserved for video-processing. Modern video cards have anywhere from 128 mb to 1 gb of RAM built in and dedicated to making video games run faster & prettier. This is different than the system RAM your computer uses for running programs, but on many laptops & inexpensive computers a certain amount of system ram may be dedicated to video in lieu of actual video RAM. Technologically video-RAM and system RAM are the same thing, the only difference is in their purpose.

How can you increase vga memory of a system by increasing ram?

If you have on-board video (not a separate video card) then you may be able to increase the allocated ram in the BIOS setup.

Why does your screen flicker when you run video games?

It could be due to a bad graphic card or drivers. You need the right type of video card (graphics card). It can also happen if you have too little physical RAM or too little virtual RAM.

GI have a geforce 8600 gt 512 ram will it work if you had a computer ram of 512 mb or do you need to get a new ram?

GeForce 8600GT 512MB has its own 512MB of Video Ram. Even if you computer had 256MB ram, Video card will work.

Which PC component is the most popular to upgrade?

It is hard to give a definitive answer, but the three most common are the CPU, RAM, and Video Card. RAM and Video Card may be more popular as they are significantly easier to replace in a desktop. RAM is all that can usually be upgraded in a laptop. So, i'd say deductively RAM.

Whenever I play any video or game on my computer there are short lag bursts where the sound is distorted and the video or game skips a bit so how can I fix this?

1. Increasing RAM Memory 2. Adding Graphics card/processor 3. Deleting unwanted files from c: these things can help you avoid these problems... The problem maybe because of low RAM space or unavailability of graphics card.