How does air conditioning cool your car?

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changes the air temperature inside

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Q: How does air conditioning cool your car?
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What is automotive air conditioning?

Automotive air conditioning is the ac unit in your car. It's what "conditions" the air in your car, ie keeping the temperature inside the car cool or warm.

How do you keep your car cool?

By turning on the air conditioning. Or opening a window. Or parking in the shade.

Does air conditioning take the moisture out of the air?


Where does the air come from for air conditioning in the car?

The air comes from the air outside and the air conditioning system in the car turns this into cold or warm air.

What car had the first air conditioning?

The 1939 Packard was the first car with a true air-conditioning system.

Are you Cool huh HUH?

Yes, When the air conditioning is on.

Use of exhaust gases for automobile air conditioning?

No use for exhaust in car air conditioning

Is air conditioning to keep you warm or cool?

It keeps you cool, and heating is to keep you warm.

What would make a 1995 jaguar only blow cool air when the air conditioning is on?

jaguars blow, the ac is making the cool air. turn it off, to stop cool the cool air.

Why is airconditioning not cool?

Air condition is not cool because it might be leaking. If there are any leaks in an air conditioning system it will not work.

Why does the air condition on a 1991 silverado cool more at idle than while driving?

When the car is at idle, the air conditioner works just as hard as when the car is moving. When the car moves, the engine gets very hot. so the air conditioning works better when your at idle because it doesn't have to cool the heat from the engine.

Does a car need air conditioning in Mississippi?

No cars "need" air conditioning. It is a personal preference of the owner. Most people would want air conditioning in their car as an option. Mississippi's hottest day was 115 degrees!

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