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Embryo gets its food via placenta .

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Q: How does an embryo get its nourishment inside the mother womb?
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How does a fetus get nourishment up until the time it is born?

The fetus inside of a mother's womb receives nourishment via the umbilical cord from the food the mother ingests.

How long can an embryo survive outside the womb?

It cannot. An embryo is completely reliant on its mother for life.

When the embryo has been fertilized what happens next?

The emrbyo implants itself onto the wall of the womb - on the endometrium, cell duplication and division occurs, then the outer layer of the embryo generates the placenta which connects the baby to the mother.

What do you call a baby inside it's mother's womb?

A baby inside the womb is called a fetus.

Do dolphins have the ability to produce an embryo inside the womb?

yes because its the same as a human

Is the beluga whale a vivipar?

Yes as are all mammals, as their embryo grows inside the womb.

Does the embryo develop in the womb?

Correct, the embryo develops in the womb, also known as the uterus.

How long does it take a cat embryo to develop before it is born?

The gestation period for a cat is typically around 63-65 days. During this time, the embryo develops into a fully-formed kitten inside the mother's womb. At birth, the kitten is ready to survive and navigate the world outside the womb.

Can a women get pregnant with out womb?

Yes, but it is not very likely. There are rare cases where the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tubes. This is called an ectopic pregnancy. The embryo will not very likely survive.

What is the amniotic fluid and what is its function?

Amniotic fluid is a nourishing fluid found in the amniotic sac of the embryo. Its main function is nourishment of the embryo. Please refer to the related questions for detailed information on Amniotic fluid.

Why can't I remember inside my mother's womb?

It was very dark.

Where is a calf inside its mother before it is born?

In the uterus, or womb.