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Natural pearls

Contrary to popular belief, a natural pearls is notformed by a grain of sand. This story is an urban legend.

A natural pearl forms inside a bivalve mollusk when the shell has been invaded by a parasite or damaged. The most common reason a natural pearl will develop is due to parasitic invasion.

The parasite wil burrow through the periostracum layer (outer layer) of a mollusk shell and into the mother-of-pearl beneath. When the parasite penetrates the mother of pearl in comes in contact with the mollusk's mantle muscle. This muscle contains cells known as epithelial cells. These cells produce a substance called nacre which coats the inside of the shell (mother-of-pearl) and is the substance of which a pearl is composed.

The parasite becomes lodged in this mantle muscle and dies. The mollusk's definsive reaction is to grow a sac around the intruder. This sac is called the pearl sac. Once the sac encases the intruder the cells begin to deposit nacre- which is composed of aragonite and calcite (a calcium carbonate compound) platelets.

Cultured Pearls

Cultured (marine) pearls are grown by inserting a rounded bead of mother-of-pearl and a piece of mantle tissue containing epithelial cells from a donor mollusk into the gonad, or reproductive organ, of a host mollusk. The donor tissue grows into a pearl sac around the bead. As in natural pearl production, this sac then deposits nacre.

Maturity time of artificial oyester pearl

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Q: How does an oyster make a pearl?
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How does an oster make a pearl?

to make a pearl a grain of sand first has to get in the oyster.

What zone does the pearl oyster live in?

The oyster/pearl oyster lives in the bathypelagic zone of the ocean.

How do you get pearl from oyster?

If you have an oyster that contains a pearl, you just have to open the shell and there it is.

Which came first the pearl or the oyster?

the oyster

Can clams make pearls?

yes but they do not have near the qualite as a pearl oyster

Does an oyster die when you take out the pearl?

Yes, you have to kill the oyster before taking out the pearl it has formed.

What is oyster gem?


What were pearl handles on pistols made of and how were they made?

Oyster pearl

How pearl is being produced?

Pearl is produced by an oyster to protect itself from something that got inside its shell. It secretes nacre, which becomes pearl. Cultured pearls are made by placing a "seed" inside of the oyster shell, and letting the oyster work. Over time, the oyster will deposit nacre onto the seed, forming a pearl.

What might a diver find in a oyster?

A diver might find a pearl in a oyster

What animal is a pearl found?


What is a shell pearl?

it's a lab made pearl from oyster shells

What is a naturally occurring gem made mostly of calcium carbonate by an oyster?

An oyster pearl

Does a pearl hurt an oyster?

If oyster can feel pain is not scientifically proved, but it does react to irritation.

What is a 5th grade sentence for oyster?

Example sentence - We opened an oyster to see if it had a pearl in it.

Is a pearl an oyster egg?

No. A pearl is a small round object made from sand being kept in an oyster shell for a long period of time.

What does a oyster with pearl tattoo symbolize?


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How do you tell if an oyster has a pearl?

Open it up

Animal crossing oyster pearl?

A "Pearl Oyster" is a shell that is found on the beach, washed in by the sea, and is worth 1200 bells and are the most expensive shell in the game.

How long does a pearl in an oyster take to grow?

In fact every clam, not just the oyster, can make pearls. Pearls are made because of a tiny bit of dirt, sand or whatever, comes inside the clam. The clam then makes 'mother-of-pearl' which is a substance that makes a pearl after a pretty long time.

Can you make the fragment the fingers of the pearl diver into a sentence?

Yes. The fingers of the pearl diver were rough and calloused from years of handling the barnacled oyster shells

Where does Pearl earrings come from?

Pearls are usually from oysters. Most pearls today are cultured pearls, meaning that they are specially done. What they do is to put an irritation into the oyster shell so that the oyster can make a pearl. A pearl is really just kind of a "tumor" thingie. The oyster can't get rid of some irritants like sand or grit, so it will deposit something called nacre over the thing that is bugging it. Over time, this will become a real pearl and it's size depends on how long the oyster has to coat the thing. The reason it's called a cultured pearl is that man will put the "dirt" in the pearl rather than it happening naturally. So after the pearl has been taken from the oyster, jewelers will mount it on an earring mounting. These mountings are usually precious metal, and the price of the earrings depends on the quality of the pearl, the shape of the pearl, and the quality of the earring mounting.

How is pearl removed from the shell?

The oyster is cut open and the pearl removed. It is loose inside.

What came first the oyster or the pearl?

A circle has no end