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Chemical reactions break down the bonds holding the rocks together, causing them to fall apart, forming smaller and smaller pieces. Chemical weathering is much more common in locations where there is a lot of water. This is because water is important to many of the chemical reactions that can take place. Warmer temperatures are also more friendly to chemical weathering.

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Q: How does chemical weathering on rocks happens?
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Why does chemical weathering happens?

All weathering is slow because rocks are pretty solid.

What is different between physical weathering and chemical weathering?

Physical weathering is breaking down of rocks by weather that does not change their chemical components. Chemical weathering is weathering that breaks rocks down by a chemical change.

How do physical weathering and chemical weathering affect rocks in the same way.?

Physical weathering and chemical weathering both break down rocks.

Can you give me some notes about weathering?

There are two types of weathering: chemical and physical. Chemical weathering is said to occur when the chemical compounds of rocks are changed. Physical weathering happens due to wind, rain, or other natural occurrences.

What in chemical weathering breaks down rocks?

The type of chemical weathering that breaks down rocks is acid.

Does chemical weathering cause a break down in the color and size of rocks?

Chemical weathering breaks down rocks

Halite in rocks dissolving in water is a mechanical or chemical weathering?

it is chemical weathering

What is the process that breaks down rocks chemically?

It's called chemical weathering. Think acid rain.

What is the differences of chemical and mechanical weathering?

Mechanical weathering is the breaking down of rock without chemical reaction.Mechanical weathering is also when water gets into the cracks of the rocks and makes the rocks expand.Like ice wedging.while chemical weathering changes the rocks by chemicals.

What is a type of weathering where rocks are dissolved by an acid?

chemical weathering

What is the name of the chemical breakdown of rocks?

Chemical weathering.

Does chemical weathering change the chemicals in rocks?

Chemical weathering affects rocks rain, wind or ice . Chemical weathering is the process that changes the composition ( the inside) of rocks on the earth surface.