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It puts carcinogenic material into your mouth, throat, and larynx, lips. And this seems fairly obvious, that you could get cancer from putting that in your mouth. But people who smoke cigars - besides lung cancer - also get cancer of the pancreas and bladder.

Smoking promotes tooth decay. Which sounds generally harmless and painless, but with deep cavities and poor oral hygiene come painful abscessed teeth.

It increases high blood pressure and hardens the arteries, so it doesn't just affect respiration, but your circulatory system as well. All these affects put you at a higher risk of a stroke.

It can alter your hormone production, which means increased chances of erectile dysfunction, and infertility. And infertility doesn't just have to do with the amount of sperm a man is able to produce, but their health. When the sperm cells have two heads and five tails and don't know which way to swim because of toxic substances being put into a person's body, the ability to conceive drops.

It affects the immune system, making you more likely to get any cold, flu, even stomach bug that comes your way. You might even find yourself more likely to react to other allergens, like hayfever. Wounds take longer to heal.

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While nicotine has effects on blood flow, these effects are not as significant as the damage to the lung and irritation of the air passages to the lung. One such problem is "smoker's cough", caused by damage to the epithelia of the windpipe. Emphysema caused by the body's immune response to cigarette smoke causes a major loss in lung function and debilitating disease.

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It shouldn't. You are not to inhale cigar smoke.

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5 list of smoking

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Q: How does cigar effect your respiratory system?
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