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Like your nose holes are big very BIG.

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How does it feel to be high on cocaine?

It feels fantastico

Does cocaine make you feel horny?

oh you betcha

What happens when your on cocaine?

you feel like you're god

What will happen if you put cocaine in your rectum?

I feel violated...

What does a cocaine high feel like?

ILLEGAL A waste of time and money

How long does it take to feel the effects of crack cocaine?

as soon as you ingest it.

How long does coicaine stay in your body?

Cocaine will stay in your system for a minimum of 3 days. You will not feel the effects for this long, however. Cocaine is an illegal substance.

Why do you feel sleepy after you eat turkey?

because they eat speed and snife cocaine

What does cocaine high feel like?

miserable. all it does is make you have a feeling of needing more.

How did King James feel about tobacco?

he liked weed, cocaine, pot, and other $hit

Why do people continue using cocaine even after it starts to harm them?

Because it is a highly addictive drug. Although cocaine is not physically addictive (meaning, there are no physical withdrawal symptoms, like there are with alcohol and heroin), it is extremely psychologically addictive. Cocaine works by disrupting the brain's natural dopamine recycling process. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for producing feelings of pleasure. Cocaine disrupts the dopamine recycling process, which leads to a buildup of dopamine (and a feeling of intense euphoria). Unfortunately, the intense euphoria that comes from a line of cocaine only lasts about 20 minutes. And then you start craving more of it. When you finally run out of cocaine, after about 20 to 30 minutes, horrible feelings of depression and anxiety set in. This is called a "comedown." Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that you will never, ever feel as bad as you do during a cocaine comedown. You loathe yourself so much, you just want to kill yourself. The feelings of sadness and despair are unbearable; you can't stand being awake, but you can't sleep (because cocaine is a powerful stimulant). And the more cocaine you have done, the worse the comedown will be when you stop. And a cocaine comedown lasts for awhile. The worst part lasts about 18 to 24 hours, but you don't feel completely well again for at least a few days. This is how people get addicted to cocaine. They feel very depressed after doing cocaine, and the only way they can feel well again is to 1) stop doing it for a long time (like, a few months) until their brain chemistry returns to normal, or 2) do more of it. More often than not, they choose the latter (to do more of it). It becomes a vicious cycle: after a cocaine high, the person feels so awful, that all they can think about is getting more cocaine. But the more cocaine they do, the worse they feel. And the worse they feel, the more cocaine they do.

What does cocaine feel like?

It makes your heart beat faster like an adrenaline rush. I don't recommend it.

Why do people use cocaine?

People use cocaine to relieve stress. Some just use it to get away from their problems and get high. Since it is highly addictive, after the first use, they feel they cannot stop using it.

Drugs that make you feel hyper stimulation?

Vicodin cocaine ADHD pills (only if you DON'T have it) Vics are best;)

Why cant i feel the effects of cocain?

You obviously are feeling something -- that or you're just plain illiterate -- cocaine has an 'e' on the end!!!

What the differences between cocaine and crack?

crack cocaine is a cooked and ricked cocaine. crack is smoked while cocaine is snorted

Do drugs affect semen texture?

The only drug that may affect your semen is cocaine; sometimes the properties of cocaine can mix up with the properties of your semen, causing you to ejaculate little cocaine, and more semen. However, if you have a infection through drugs, in most cases, you still may not feel any difference in texture.

Can you do cocaine through your vagina?

Actually you can do cocaine through your vagina. The mucous membrane will absorb it and make you feel numb down there as if you were to put it on the gums of your mouth. Some women do this right before sex to make the feeling more pleasurable.

What are the requirements to work for homeland security?

to be a lazy arab terrorist that smokes crack cocaine and likes to feel up little boys

Did Lil Wayne do cocaine?

Yes, he's been arrested because of it, but not anymore. Look up his song I feel like dying

What is the difference between crack cocaine and regular cocaine in a urine test?

They have different chemical makeups. Cocaine - Cocaine Hydrochloride Crack cocaine - 2-beta-carbomethoxyl-3-beta-benoxytropane

Will depakote make you test positive for cocaine?

No! The only drug that will test positive for cocaine IS cocaine.

What has the author Joseph Spillane written?

Joseph Spillane has written: 'Cocaine' -- subject(s): Cocaine, Cocaine abuse, Cocaine industry, Drug control, History

Which illegal drug is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system and produces a sense of exhilaration infallibility and causes a person to feel unstoppable?


How can you tell if it is cocaine or table salt without tasting it?

coke is a lot more of a powder than table salt and doesn't have a grainy feel to it