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Actually it is the caffeine in coffee that helps to improve the airway function of an asthmatic. Medical researchers found that the body cannot distinquish between caffeine and Theophylline, a drug commonly prescribed for persons with Asthma. However, they caution one should never use caffeine instead of their prescribed medication. Two six-ounce cups of coffee, soda (colas) or tea or two chocolate bars contain enough caffeine to help alleviate asthma symptoms in an emergency situation. Coffee is a weak bronchodilator, and chemically related to the drug theophylline. It's been known for well over 100 years that a few cups of coffee can help during an asthma attack. If you are having severe attacks I would consult your doctor and only follow your doctors care when concerning care for your asthma.

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Q: How does coffee work as an aid in asthma?
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First aid kits don't have asthma pumps.

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No. If anything, it would make asthma irritating, due to the caffeine in coffee. A healthier diet would be better for asthma. Ask on!

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Coffee has no effect on asthma.A different perspective:As the parent of an asthmatic child, cold coffee can sometimes help reduce the severity of mild to moderate attacks.

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no it does not

Can an inhaler benefit your sports performance if you don't have asthma?

No, inhalers are meant to aid your breathing/coughing when you have asthma. They will not assist you at playing a sport.

What are nighttime remedies for asthma?

warm or hot coffee will stop asthma attacks and wheezing, use decaf of course so you can still sleep, if that doesn't work use a d-humidifier with a little lemon juice in the water to help clean out the lungs.

Does asthma cause weight issues?

It could because when you have asthma you tend not to work out as much or get exersise if you have asthma you need to work out orget exersise.

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There are many home remedies, that may or may not work for asthma. The best thing you can do for asthma is to go to the doctor and be prescribed an inhaler.

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Give that person some warm water. Warm water has fluids. Also try coffee if you have any.

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