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The hot materials like magma goes up and the cool materials like water goes down . As all magma cools, it became land because it was cooled by water but other magma goes down on and goes back to the flow. The way of the magma goes bigger and water comes in (what we called trench) and causes the seafloor spreading.

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One possible cause of seafloor spreading at plate boundaries?

convection currents in the mantle.

What kinds of ocean currents might cause seafloor spreading?

Ocean currents have no effect whatsoever. Seafloor spreading is caused by convection currents in the rock of the earth's mantle.

What is the driving force for seafloor spreading?


In which earth layer are most convection currents that cause seafloor spreading thought to be located?

The Asthenosphere, a.k.a. the Plastic Mantle.

Does convection currents in the mantle cause seafloor spreading?

Yes, more specifically the Plastic Mantle (also called the Asthenosphere).

What is the main cause of seafloor spreading?

volcanic activity(:

How does seafloor spearing and continental drift link together?

Seafloor-spreading is the cause of continental drift

What were the founding of the seafloor spreading theory?

it started off from alfred wegner's theory of continental drift . basically seafloor spreading cause it . new seafloor was pushed upward through crevices .

Who invented seafloor spreading?

A man by the name of Harry Hess invented seafloor spreading. He invented seafloor spreading in the year of 1960.

What did the magnetic strips prove in seafloor spreading?

They proved that the seafloor was spreading.

What is the evidence for seafloor spreading?

the secret of seafloor spreaeding is nothing it is just plain old seafloor spreading

How does convection contribute to seafloor spreading?

convection currents make the rock benethe the surface warmer and less dense therefore causing the rock to rise to the surface

What is Harry Hess's theory of seafloor spreading?

His theory was to figure out what was seafloor spreading

Can seafloor spreading cause a tsunami?

Yes sea floor spreading and or undersea volcanic eruptions can cause a tsunami or huge ocean wave.

Place where seafloor spreading occurs?

Seafloor spreading starts as a rift in a land mass.

Which force is responsible for seafloor spreading?

Gravity in the oceanic crust is responsible for seafloor spreading.

Seafloor spreading begins when?

Seafloor spreading is triggered by a rift in a continental land mass.

The seafloor spreading theory was proposed by?

The Seafloor Spreading Theory was proposed by Harry Hess.

Does seafloor spreading cause the earth's crust to expand?

New oceanic crust is being created at seafloor spreading zones, and crust is alternately being subducted and destroyed at subduction zones.

What are the typical rates of seafloor spreading?

The typical rates of seafloor spreading is 5 centimeters per year. Seafloor spreading is a process that occurs at mid ocean ridges.

Is there evidence that seafloor-spreading?

its not happy

Who discovered Seafloor Spreading?

In the 1960s, Harry Hess proposed a theory he called seafloor spreading.

How is seafloor spreading connected to ocean ridges?

Mid-ocean ridges are results of seafloor spreading.

Process that forms new seafloor?

Seafloor Spreading

What does convection currents cause in the earth?

A lot, but the basic answer is movement of the earths crust. It directly causes the Continental drift, seafloor spreading, earthquakes and volcanoes. It indirectly causes a host of other geographical features.

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