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the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys

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Q: How does coral reef grows?
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What makes a coral reef?

coral is a plant. usually underwater, it grows on a reef. therefore you get a coral reef.

What type of water type does the coral reef grow in?

Since coral reef grows in the ocean, they grow in salt water.

What grows in the coral reefs?

Well the coral reef or in latin known as the coralisius reefius and grows many species of pubes./

What flora grows in the Great Barrier Reef?

Coral, Annenimes, and Seaweed

Can a coral reef grow something?

Yes. Its grows More coral reef. yes and no, it "grows" because there are millions of life forms living in them, some have shells which they shed when the shell is to small, which then attaches to the reef as coral. The great barrier reef is the largest "living organism" and the only "living organism" visible from space.

How long is the world's longest coral reef?

The worlds biggest coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. But coral grows all the time so no one will know the correct exact measurement for long.

Are coral reefs considered a land form?

No, There are not. The reason is that a coral reef grows under water, so that is not possible for a coral reefs to be landforms!

Why was the coral reef named coral reef?

the coral reef is named the coral reef.................ther is a lot of coral in in, and a reef is A strip or ridge of rocks, sand, or coral that rises to or near the surface of a body of water.

What plants live in the sunlit zone?

i know that coral reef grows(that's a plant, right?)

What is the Barier Reef made out of?

The Barrier Reef is made of coral. Coral is a living structure that is very delicate and grows very slowly. It attracts fish who live, hide, and eat algae off it.

Where do needlefish live?

in the coral reef in the coral reef

Where does a coral reef fish live?

In a coral reef.

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