How does cotton ball filter water?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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I don't know, I was the one who asked this question. You tell me. You said ask anything

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Q: How does cotton ball filter water?
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What holds more water the cotton ball or cotton swab?

a cotton wool ball because it is bigger

Wiil cotton filter water?

No it will just filter out sediment.

Which absorbs the most water cotton ball or cotton square?

Your answer depends on the size of each cotton material and the amount of water being absorbed.

Will a cotton ball float longer in water or soda?


How do you clean English springer ears?

dapen a cotton ball with vinegar and water mixture is the best way. Then clean it up with a dry cotton ball.

How do you make vampire teeth out of cotton balls?

First gather your supplies which is a cotton ball, water, and scissors. Then cut the cotton ball in half , after drown the cotton ball halves in water, next squeeze out most of the water, then shape a half to one of your eye teeth (pointy ones) finally shape the other half to your other eye tooth. Now for the new vampire, YOU!

If the answer is filter paper and cotton wool What is the question?

How do you remove the suspended component from water?

What does the cotton layer of the water filter does?

it filters out the main big chunks of particles

What scientifically happens to a cotton ball when dropped into a beaker of water?

when we put cotton into water than it absorb water for a minute and when it became heavy and upthrust acting on cotton is less than it weight than it go under water.

How do you make a water filter?

You use a few cottonballs and pour the water through the cup fulll of cotton balls.

Do cotton ball float?

no because the cotton fills with water

What is a immature cotton ball called?

a teenage boy that's obese There is no such thing as a cotton ball or an immature cotton ball