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as a solid solute begins to dissolve in a solvent, the concentration of the solute particles in solution increases and so do their chances of colliding with the surface of the solid. such a a collision may result in the solute particle's becoming reattached to the solid. this process which is the opposite of the solution process is called crystallization.

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What makes crystallization happen?

Heat and Moisture.

When does crystallization happen?

When a saturated solution contains a nucleating point.

What is re-crystallization?

Recrystallization is a repeated crystallization.

Where does crystallization occur?

Crystallization occurs in the formation of snowflakes.

What do you use fractional crystallization for?

when do we use crystallization to separate components

Does dissolution or crystallization produce heat?

Crystallization produces heat.

Does crystallization produce heat?

Yes, crystallization produces heat.

What are the substances separated in crystallization?

For example salts can be separated by crystallization.

Is crystallization a chemical reaction?

The crystallization of solids from a solution is a physical change-.

Can you use crystallization in a sentence?

Yes. You can definitely use crystallization in a sentence.

Do sediments undergo crystallization?

Answer: No, only ingenous rocks undergo crystallization. :)

What is some example of crystallization?

The crystallization of sodium chloride when water was evaporated.

How do you make a sentence with crystallization in the sentence?

crystallization usually takes a long time. Crystallization is the reason that water expands as it freezes.

What is the difference between a crystal and crystallization?

A crystal is an object that is the result of the process of crystallization.

Is crystallization an exothermic or an endothermic process?

Crystallization is considered an exothermic process. Hand warmers use the process of sodium acetate crystallization to produce heat.

Can a solution of water in sugar be separated by crystallization?

No. solution of sugar and water cannot be separated by crystallization because if do the the process of crystallization crystals will not be formed on a glass rod.

What is crystallization in the rock cycle?

Crystallization can result in both intrusive and extrusive igneous rock.

Which two transitions can magma undergro?

crystallization above ground and crystallization below ground

Crystallization can occur?

Crystallization occur from solutions after the evaporation of the solvent, from melts after cooling, etc.

What two processes are involved with the formation of an ignerous rock?

melting and crystallization

Describe the crystals formed through rapid crystallization?

Crystallization refers to the process of crystal formation from a solution. Snowflakes are examples of crystals formed through rapid crystallization.

What has the author Ingo H Leubner written?

Ingo H. Leubner has written: 'Precision crystallization' -- subject(s): Nucleation, Crystal growth, Crystallization 'Precision crystallization'

Does crystallization of magma form metamophic rock?

No. Crystallization and solidification of magma forms igneous rock.

What is crystallization sequence?

crystallization sequence is the fumigation of oxygen and chromium on an analog of a Y-98 liquid.

Is crystallization a physical or a chemical change?

Crystallization is a chemical change because it involves the reorganization of atoms.

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