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Q: How does distance affect the electric force according to Coulomb and law?
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What are some factors that affect coulomb slaw?

Factors that affect Coulomb's Law includes the particle charge and the distance between the charges. Coulomb's Law states that the force between the charged particles is related to the amount of charge each of the particles carries.

According to Coulombs Law how does distance affect the electric force?

Electric force can act at a distance, but is stronger when objects are closer. the electric force is larger the closer the two objects are The electric force varies with the distance between the charges. The closer they are, the stronger the force. The farther apart they are, the weaker the force.

What most affect the strength of an electric field?

distance between charged particles.

What Three factors that affect the electric force between two objects?

Mass and Distance

Name two factors that affect the strength of electric force and explain how they affect electric force?

I'm not sure what this question really means - should it be more like "what two things affect the force between two electric charges?" If this is correct then the answer is probably: 1. The amount of charges. 2. The distance between the charges.

What is the starting and finishing energy of a light bulb?

Zero,because the distance has no affect to convert electric energy into light energy.

Does an electric current affect weight?

No, an electric current does not affect weight.

What happens to the size of the electric filed if the charge on the test charge is halved?

Test charge is always a test charge. The electric field does not depend on the test charge. Usually we assume the test charge to be one coulomb positive charge. Though you make it half, it would never affect the field around the primary charge

According to Friedrich Nietzsche things tend to affect us on a personal level less when they are?

at a distance

How does height affect distance?

Height does not affect distance.

What two things affect the size of the electric force?

I am not sure but i thinks they are:Positive chargeNegative charge

How does the color of the paper airplane affect the distance?

It dosn't affect the distance.