How does electromagnet move things?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: How does electromagnet move things?
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Can an electric current move through a electromagnet?


The slower the coils of an electromagnet move stronger or weaker?


A stereo speakers uses an electromagnet to move the cone?

True .

What types of metal can a electromagnet move?

only ferrous metals for example, iron.

What is the purpose for an electromagnet in a simple doorbell?

to produce magnetic field to move the piston of the doorbell

What is the effect of an electromagnet a motor?

The result is that the rotating parts of the motor start to spin.The electrical energy has been transformed into mechanical energy.Motors can move all sorts of things-from toy cars to huge locomotives

What is a scrap yard magnet?

It is a magnet which moves metal around the scrap yard. Scientific explanation = It s a big round magnet which is actually an electromagnet. This allows the magnet to be turned on then off. When turned on the electromagnet attracts any magnetic substances. This is why most cars are made of something magnetic! You can move this electromagnet around because it is a crane you pick stuff up move it and then drop it by turning the electromagnet off!

Why would electromagnet be used in a recycling yard rather than a strong permanent magnet?

Because with an electromagnet, you can turn it off and on - you can pick things up with it then drop them again.

If an electromagnet was free to move how would it move?

Electromagnet is the magnet which is becoming active so long current through the coil flows. If current stops then the magnetism disappears. If a core made up of soft iron is used then magnetism will become more intense but the magnetism exists so long the current flows. Any way electromagnet will behave just like a permanent bar magnet. So electromagnet would set itself along the earth's magnetic meridian.

What is one thing that uses an electromagnet?

power drills are one of the many things that have electromagnets.

What has an electromagnet?

A lot of things like a blender and a speaker and so many other things i can't think of right now :)

What is an advantage of using an electromagnet over a permanent magnet?

The advantage of an elecromagnet is that you can turn it on and off with a simple switch. So for example if you want to pick up a scrap car with a crane/electromagnet and move it, you can turn the electromagnet off when you want to release the car. You could not do the with a permanent magnet obviously.