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Where is static friction in roller coaster?

Static friction is where the roller coaster touches the tracks.

How does friction affect roller coasters?

It holds the coaster down. Less friction makes it go faster.

What friction slows a roller coaster down?

Kinetic friction.

Forces on a roller coaster?

gravity & friction.

How does the angle of the roller coaster affect the roller coaster?

It affects it speed and aerodynamics

How does a roller coaster have thermal energy?

thermal energy is heat, heat has to do with the motion of the roller coaster because of friction.

What force slows down a roller coaster?


What are the forces acting on a roller coaster?

gravity & friction.

What is the friction of Kingda ka roller coaster?


What forces stop a roller coaster?

Gravity and Friction

What does friction have to do with roller coasters?

Friction, slows the roller coaster down to a slow enough pace that it eventually stops.

Where does a roller coaster have the most negative friction?

Upside down.

What three forces drive a roller coaster?

acceleration centrifugal friction

What forces are used on Nitro Roller coaster?

Friction, electromagnetic, and gravitational.

What is a wooden roller coaster?

a roller coaster that's made from wood of course duhhhhhhh..... sike naw im just kidding a wooden roller coaster conducts more heat than a steel roller coaster because it has more rough edges and that creates more friction and that makes heat. o a wooden roller coaster conductes more heat than a steel roller coaster does.

What force slows down a roller-coaster when it plunges down a hill?

Wind resistance against the direction which the roller coaster is travelling, friction between the wheels and the surface upon which it is rolling and friction between the brakes and the wheels (if applicable) would all contribute to slow the roller coaster down.

What is the purpose of roller coaster tracks?

The roller coaster track IS the roller coaster! With out the track there would be no roller coaster! The roller coaster train runs on the track!

Is energy conserved in a roller coaster?

Energy can never really be conserved in a roller coaster due to the fact that there is friction wherever you go on the track and this can't really be prevented. Friction causes some of the kinetic and potential energy to be lost so the energy can't be "saved" somewhere. The only way really possible to conserve energy in a roller coaster is to have a complete vaccum where in theory there would be no friction causing energy to be lost and the roller coaster could carry on forever.

When there s no friction what affects the final speed of a roller coaster?

Air resistance

When there is friction on a roller coaster some of the potential energy is not converted into?

Kinetic Energy.

What types of energy work on a roller coaster?

the two forces are friction and gravity

What is the type of friction on a curve of a roller coaster?

Kinetic or centrifugal, depening what phase you are on.

What types of friction are used in roller coasters?

friction is used throughout the whole entire roller coaster. it helps it slow down and keep a steady pace.

What role does friction play in a roller coaster?

It provides undesired slowing of the coaster on its path but it is essential for the brakes to stop it at the station.

What is Thermal energy relating to a roller coaster?

Thermal energy is heat. Heat is associated with motion (like a roller coaster) because of friction. Friction slows down the speed of an object and changes some of its kinetic energy into heat.