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Q: How does gravity affect tides and planetary orbits?
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How does the Moon's gravity impact the earth?

The moon's gravity creates high tides and low tides. The moon's gravity pulls the water up and down as it orbits the Earth.

Do earthquakes affect tides?

No. The tides are a product of the gravity of the moon and, to a lesser degree, the sun.

What is caused by the pulling of the moon's gravity?

high tidesProbably the most notable affect of the Moon's gravity, here on the Earth, are the tides.

What are caused by gravity from the moon and the sun?

The fact that the Earth and Moon remain in our respective orbits and do not go hurtling into the void. That's probably the most IMPORTANT thing.As an entirely trivial side note, the gravity of the Moon and Sun contribute to the tides in the Earth's oceans.TidesAlthough the Sun and the moon have their own special affect on the Earth, the one thing they do affect together are the tides.

How does gravity affect tides?

Tidal movements result mainly from the pull of the moons gravity on the ocean.

How does tide affect gravity on earth's surface?

It does not. Gravity affects tides or more correctly causes them.

What is a true statement about the moon?

The Moon orbits the Earth. The Moons gravity causes Earths tides to ebb and flow.

Does the Moon's gravity affect ocean tides?

Yes and I'm positive.

How does oceans affect the earth?

The moon's gravity causes tides on Earth.

How does the moon affect the earth's oceans?

The moons gravitational pull is what causes tides.

What variables besides the moon's gravity affect tides on earth?

The depth of the water and the shape of the coastline can affect the tides on Earth. Another variable is the configuration of the ocean basins.

How does the Moon's orbit affect tides?

the moon has a gravitational pull that, when it orbits around earth, pulls the water on earth with it.