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Gravity effects stellar evolution by pulling down force on the stars while they are forming. Mass will determine how long the star stays alive and burning.

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Q: How does gravity effect stellar evolution?
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What is the first stage of stellar evolution?

The first stage of stellar evolution is nebula.

What are the steps of stellar evolution in order?

You can find an overview of stelar evolution in the Wikipedia article entitled "Stellar evolution".

Which stage in stellar evolution is the longest?

The longest stage of stellar evolution is the main sequence phase.

Which burning stage in stellar evolution is most durable?

Helium burning is most durable stage in stellar evolution.

How is the lifetime of a star comparable to stellar evolution?

Stellar evolution is the term for the changes a star undergoes during its lifetime.

How does nuclear fusion affect stellar evolution?

Nuclear fusion affects stellar evolution by essentially halting all mitosis and miosis that any cells in a stellar evolution could experience, and they stunt the growth of the object.

What is the role of magnetism in the process of stellar birth?

There is no known role of magnetism in stellar evolution.

What has the author W Sutantyo written?

W. Sutantyo has written: 'The effect of stellar evolution on the synchronous rotation of components of massive close binaries' -- subject(s): Double stars, Evolution, Stars

At the beginning of the universe scientists believe that stellar evolution contained only what two elements?

Scientist believe that stellar evolution contained only hydrogen and then helium.

What are Endpoints of stellar evolution?

The endpoints of stellar evolution are: White Dwarf Neutron Star Black Hole The endpoint is dependent upon birth mass of the star.

What it be like if there was no gravity?

Without gravity there would be no stellar nebulae. Without stellar nebulae there would be no stars or sun, nor earth. Consequently there would be no life.

What current stage of stellar evolution is altair?

Main Sequence