Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

How does heating reduce magnetisation?

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This is known as the Curie Point. When you heat an object, the molecules become freer and eventually, all those (co-spinning) magnetic domains become randomized.

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How does banging the nail reduce magnetisation?

what is on the nails is ltlle partials and the banging nocks the particle off

If you'r banging the nail will the magnetisation reduce?

Because the domains get muddled up and eventually return to a random order.

What can reduce sperm?

Heating the testes can reduce sperm.

Define intensity of magnetization?

Intensity of magnetisation:-intensity of magnetisation is the magnetic movement per unit volume

How does banging a nail reduce magnetisation?

It makes all the domains of the magnet jumble up ( they all turn separate ways ) So the nail is no longer acting as a magnet

How does banging a steel nail reduce magnetisation?

By banging a nail it causes all the tiny domains to face different directions so you end up with a non-magnetised nail.

How can you reduce the magnetism of a magnet?

by hitting it with a hammer or heating it.

Is there a limit to magnetisation?

yes I have to either disagree and say no or you have answered regarding a given magnet or magnetised object. The earth is proof the answer is no, as it is encapsulated in a magnetic field, size of field is not limited - magnetisation or application of magnetic properties has no limits - magnetic fields of a magnetised object are limited, but not magnetisation or the capacity to magnetise.

How could heating a bar magnet reduce its magnetism?

Heating a bar magnet could reduce its magnetism because the heat, by raising the energy level in the metal, disorients the atoms, which disrupts the magnetism.

How to reduce iron oxide?

by heating it with a more reactive element; e.g. zinc.

Why does heating reduce magnitation?

cuz if u heat it particles start to melt.

How do you determine if the motor starters are properly earthed?

by magnetisation of no voltage coil

How do you reduce pain during period?

Take Aleve and put a heating pad on your belly

What does anneal mean?

Anneals means to reduce the stress of a material by gradually heating and cooling it.

What is post weld heat treament?

heating then controlled cooling of a weld to reduce stress

Is magnetisation the same as magnetism?

Magnetization is the process of inducing magnetism in a paramagnetic metal.

What is reversal of magnetisation of steel core?

look up motor polling on the net.

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Is there a limit to magnetisation and why?

Yes, there is. To overly-simplify matters, magnetisation relies on the amount of coherently orientated unpaired electrons that exist in the material. This amount is obviously not infinite (because the material only has so many electrons, unpaired or otherwise) and so will hit a cap for the material in question. There are many types of magnetisation and all sorts of intricacies exist but this is a good way to look at it.

Why does heating reduce magnetism?

It change the alignment of electrons inside a magnet reducing it magnetic power.

What are two ways you can reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in your atmosphere?

Two greenhouse gasses are water vapour and carbon dioxide. You can stop heating water to reduce one and you can stop breathing to reduce the other.

What are methods of magnetisation and of demagnetisation?

De-Magnetisation: Place in a field of alternating current; usually produced by a solenoid, and remove slowly out of the field. Magnetisation: Swipe with one end of a magnet until the iron/steel bar is magnetised. You can use many magnets if you want to speed up the process. The strongest magnets are created by wrapping coils around the bars, and inducing alternating current in these wires using a power source.

Why would a compost pile reduce in temperature?

Compost goes through cycles of heating and cooling. When your compost cools down, stir it and it should start heating up again.

How can I reduce the costs of my heating bill?

In the winter time heating cost rise. It is best to keep your shades open during the day so the sun can help heat your home.

Does heat reduce the tensile strength of metal?

Heating a metal decreases the tensile strength and increases ductility