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Er ... what? I THINK you're asking why children are interested in holiday homework but I'm not certain. Many children don't like homework at all because it's work and they're not mature enough to understand the value of work. However, some kids like exercising their brains - they enjoy learning and like the challenge of doing homework.

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Q: How does holiday homework make interest of children?
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Children and teenagers get hungry after school because their bodies burn more energy than adults do. It's not the homework, it's your age.

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How to help children complete homework successfully?

To help children complete homework successfully does not mean that you have to do it with them. It simply means that you help them get their homework organized; you help them stay focused; and you make sure they finish it. Homework should be the first thing children do when they get home. Their mind is still in work mode so it’s best to utilize that state rather than allow them to relax or play. If homework is done first, then children can look forward to relaxing. Additionally, if homework takes longer than expected, children are not up all night trying to get it done because they spent the first couple hours playing. Help children settle into the homework mode by offering snacks and drinks. This is a small sign that shows that you are concerned for their well being. Being forced to do homework immediately usually frustrates children, so a nurturing gesture reminds them that you are enforcing the rule because you care. Plus it’s hard to focus on an empty stomach. Always help children organize the homework that needs to be done first and then decide in what order it should be completed. Arrange it in order of hardest to easiest. By doing so, the assignments become less demanding as your children grow progressively weary. Throughout the homework process, help children with focus by checking in on them. Don’t be intrusive or interrogative. Ask how they’re doing or if they need anything, while making sure they are on track. As the different subjects are completed, check them. Make sure they complete them correctly and have your children correct mistakes. When you check homework you help children produce their best work. If they know it’s being checked, they will put more effort into it. When you help children complete homework successfully you achieve a number of important goals. You remove children from an isolated task and turn it into a family responsibility. You also demonstrate to your children that you are interested in them. More importantly, however, you can use this opportunity to check in with your children’s education and determine whether they are on task.

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