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It makes me feel weird at first. Then very relaxed. After that I feel a little nauseous.

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Q: How does hydrocodone make you feel?
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How hydrocodone make you feel?

It makes me feel weird at first. Then very relaxed. After that I feel a little nauseous.

Do you feel the effect of snort hydrocodone?

yes you can feel the effect of snort hydrocodone

Does withdrawl from hydrocodone make you sick?

no i took the whole bottle of a prescription of hydrocodone 30 mg at once and i feel great. =D

What is hydrocodone apap 5-500 tablmck used for?

what are the side effects for hydrocodone apap 5-500? how does it make you feel? no what is it used for

Why does hydrocodone make me feel good with energy?

idk man but its making me feel great too! hahaha yeeeyee

If you take methadone and hydrocodone can you feel any effects?

No, methadone will block the effects of the hydrocodone.

What does hydrocodone do to you body?

makes you feel good

Can you take hydrocodone cough syrup with methadone?

yes you can take as much as you want but you wont feel the hydrocodone

How long do you wait till its safe to sleep after taking hydrocodone?

After taking Hydrocodone wait about 30 minutes to go to sleep. When the Hydrocodone kicks in you will feel it.

Can promethazine be taken with hydrocodone?

Yes my DR. prescribed me hydrocodone and promethazine together because the hydrocodone causes me to feel sick to my stomach. IT works great!

Does tramadol feel like a hydrocodone?

no tramadol is great its is a pain blocker, it doesn't make you feel messed up, and no pain nothing I've ever taken has worked like that but it is not a party drug like hydrocodone. i took them at work this week and i am an electrican i need a clear head

What happens if you mix marijuana with hydrocodone?

You will feel very calm and high

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