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Hydrogen Peroxide is represented as H2O2 which is like water but with one extra Oxygen molecule. The catalase enzyme found in our whole body will react with the Hydrogen peroxide releasing the extra oxygen molecule in the H2O2 breaking it down to just water (H2O) and pure oxygen (O). Bacteria cannot survive in this very rich oxygen environment so they die instantly before the oxygen diffuses into the air.


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Plain hydrogen peroxide has hydrogen peroxide in it.

Household hydrogen peroxide is a homogeneous mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.

Hydrogen peroxide is a teeth whitener, google "hydrogen peroxide teeth."

Hydrogen is an element.Hydrogen peroxide is a compound.

HYdrogen peroxide is a compound.

Bleach mixed with hydrogen peroxide. apply bleach them immediately apply hydrogen peroxide. will not work if pre mixed

I think Hydrogen Peroxide is a reactant,because hydrogen and oxygen are reactants so hydrogen peroxide should be a reactant.

Hydrogen peroxide has two atoms of hydrogen and oxygen.

Yes hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic.

The answer depends on the fraction of hydrogen peroxide in WHAT!

The formula of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2

Peroxide is an compound that can be a part of another chemical to form a molecule. Hydrogen peroxide is two hydrogen atoms attached to a peroxide molecule, forming hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide itself (O2) only exists as molecular oxygen when it is not attached to another chemical.

No. Hydrogen peroxide is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen with the formula H2O2.

The material most commonly called "hydrogen peroxide", especially by non-chemists, is a solution of the solute hydrogen peroxide in water as the solvent.

Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide is itself mildly acidic.

The chemical formula for Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2.

hydrogen peroxide is a oxide compound ;)

yes if hydrogen peroxide is h2o2

The chemical Hydrogen Peroxide is positively charged.

what is another name for hydrogen peroxide?

The chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2.

Pure hydrogen peroxide has a pH of 6.2

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