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How does impulse affect rocket flight?

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The higher the impulse of a particular motor, the larger and faster and higher it will cause the rocket to travel. Impulse is a term that describes the relative strength of a rocket motor. The impulse of a given engine is found by multiplying the average force that the motor will push with by the number of seconds that the motor will push. Model rocket motors are usually measured using the metric system, where the units of force are "newtons". If a motor pushed with a force of 10 newtons for 3 seconds, this motor would have an impulse of 30 newton-seconds (usually written 30 N-s). This is the same impulse as a motor which pushes with a force of 3 newtons for 10 seconds. When choosing between two motors with the same impulse, the decision to use a shorter duration with higher force or longer duration with lower force, is made based on the amount of drag and the mass of the rocket and other factors, but these factors are usually much less important than selecting the impulse of the engine. In the United States, model rocket motors use a letter desigtation followed by a pair of numbers, such as "B-6-4". The letter describes the approximate impulse of the motor. "A" motors have around 2.5 N-s of impulse, "B"s have twice as much impulse as "A"s, "C"s have twice as much impulse as "B"s etc.

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Does the length of rocket affect the flight?

Length does not seem to affect rocket flight. The weight of the rocket and the aerodynamics of the rocket affect the way the rocket flies.

How does the design of rocket wings affect flight?

they affect the stability of th rocket flight

How do fins on a straw rocket affect it's flight?

Fins on a rocket affects its flight by the way they are built on the rocket

How does streamlining affect the flight of a rocket?

Incredibly ! -In rocket flight streamlining is the single most important factor.

How does aerodynamics affect the flight of your rocket?

our* stop cheating :)

How does the size affect the flight of a rocket?

A small rocket might go higher because a smaller rocket has less weight

Does the length of your rocket affect the flight of your rocket?

No, the length does not affect the flight, but it is harder to keep things parallel over a longer length, so your building of the long fuselage becomes more critical.

How does the chute wadding on a model rocket affect its flight?

it helps protect its cover

How do fins affect rocket flight?

The fins on a rocket they stable the rocket so it doesn't fly all over the place and so it will fly straight and better.

How Does adding weight to a rocket affect its flight process?

Weight is a killer in terms of altitude.

What forces affect a rockets flight?

gravity and air resistence. Gravity pulls the rocket down while air resistence pulls the rocket up

Does the aerodynamics affect the flight of a rocket?

Of course. Your construction and fin alignment must be as near perfect as you can make it.

How does the shape of a rocket affect it's flight?

The smaller it's maximum cross-sectional area in the direction of flight, the faster it goes, as this reduces wind resistance..

What is the most efficient rocket engine?

The Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR)is very likely the most efficient rocket engine.

How does a nose cone on a bottle rocket affect its flight path?

While a nose cone can either reduce or add drag, it provides a minimal amount of stability to the rocket' flight path. The fins are the most critical component for stabilizing a rocket's flight path; that's where your focus should be.

Why do rockets drop there fuel tanks?

the efficiency of rocket propellant is called specific impulse the more the specific impulse the more the performance .

Does a rocket always need the escape of 11.2 to escape the earth?

That's the initial speed the rocket would need to escape Earth, assuming it starts close to Earth, and no additional impulse is provided later. With a gradual impulse - for example an ion impulse - i.e., providing impulse over time, it isn't necessary to start with this speed. However, the rocket still needs the same total amount of energy to escape from Earth.

What are tailfins on a model rocket used for?

To keep the rocket in straight,stable flight.

How does wind affect a model rocket?

A strong low wind will very much affect it's angle of flight. We try to wait for breaks in the wind to launch. Wind is bad for parachutes too, a rocket that went high can float a mile or two on it's parachute.

What are the purpose of the fins on a rocket?

To keep it's flight straight. If you don't have them (and have them very parallel) then the rocket will start to corkscrew in flight and go out of control.

What is the name of an album with the word rocket in it?

skyrockets in flight, umm, rocket man, there are alot of them

What is the difference between an airplane and a rocket flight?

A plane needs air, a rocket doesn't.

Which fuels have the highest specific impulse?

Solid rocket propellants have the highest impulse densities typically 17 lbm-sec/in^3 or greater. Bi-propellant liquid rocket propellants such as Liquid Oxygen/Kerosene also have high density impulse, typically 12 lbm-sec/in^3 while Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Hydrogen have low density impulse below 6 lbm-sec/in^3.

How many fins will affect the flight of the water bottle rocket?

Five, unless placed exactly right will set the rocket off balance causing it to drift where thefifthfin is pointing. It's best to do an even and manageable amount such as 4 or 8 if youwanta very stable rocket.

Which law of science involves the flight of a rocket?

The flight of a rocket is a demonstration of Newton's third law, stated simply: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.