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According to Newton's First Law of Motion (Law of Inertia), the soccer ball will stay in motion or stay still, unless acted on by an unbalanced force. In this case, the unbalanced forces would be your foot, gravity, or air resistance.

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Q: How does inertia apply in soccer?
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Is Inertia net force used in tennis?

yes, the physics of inertia apply everywhere that inertia will be

Does the law of inertia apply to moving objects?

Yes it does

What forces apply to bobsledding?

gravity and friction along with inertia

If a soccer ball is kicked across a fild what will cause the ball to stop?


What has more inertia a truck or soccer ball?

Basically, inertia can be measured in units of mass, e.g. kilograms. Therefore, the object with more mass - this is also the object that is heavier - will have the greater inertia.

How does inertia apply to roller coasters?

the tendency of a body to resist acceleration

Does the law of inertia apply to moving and non moving objects?

Yes it does.

How does inertia apply to dance?

the inertia is the force at wich an object is moving the heavier the object the further it will travel i think could be wrong but what do you think

How does inertia apply to skateboarding?

Someone moving fast on a skateboard will find it hard to stop quickly because his body has inertia and will resist the change.

Does the law of inertia apply to both moving and non-moving objects?


Newtons 3 laws apply to soccer?

Yes, The three laws apply to everything.

How can you apply for any soccer academy?

By filling out an application

How does momentum apply to soccer?

Momentum applies to soccer when you kick the soccer ball down the field so it speeds up and goes faster.

How do you apply to be a soccer player in Manchester united?

You don't. They find you.

How does the force tension apply to the game of soccer?

goalie saves the ball

How does inertia apply to basketball?

Inertia is the resistance of items that change their motion. In basketball, when a player jumps to block a shot, they cannot change their direction in the air, as they can only change it when they land on the court.

What schools do i need to attend to be a pro soccer player?

i have to apply for a normal soccer team so that i can get better and get a scholar ship.

How does acceleration apply to soccer?

Acceleration is a key aspect of soccer. Players need speed to get past defenders and have a shot on goal.

How a soccer ball bounces?

A soccer ball bounces as the air particles in them hit and apply pressure at the ball, when it hits a surface, the pressure from the particles apply a force on the ball. Thus, making it bounce.

Is inertia in golf?

Inertia is in everything. Inertia is just the fact that things resist a change in their motion. When a golf ball is on a tee it is at rest and wants to stay that way. So you need to apply a force to get it to move. It's all in Newton's first law of motion.

Does soccer invole inertia?

Yes. Inertia is the resistance of the ball to acceleration. Without intertia, when you kick the ball, the ball wouldn't go anywhere, and would immedialtely fall straight down to the ground and stop immediately.

Does the law of inertia apply to moving or non moving objects?

It applies to both moving and non-moving objects.

What does inertia apply to?

uhmm i think you need to go look it up somewhere else because this isn't right(:

How does inertia apply to a rocket?

It either keeps it still on the ground or stable as it's moving, but I'm not Stephen Hawking...

What does newtons law of inertia apply to?

whats in motion stays in motion until acted upon by an outside force