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Q: How does light availibility affect primary production?
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Abiotic factors that affect survival and reproduction of organisms?

Dissolved gasses, light intensity, pH level, and water availibility.

What factors affect the rate and amount of primary production?

There are four: Precipitation (amount of rain) Temperature Light intensity Inorganic material

Does light affect milk production?


How do you calculate net primary production?

by using light bottle and dark bottle method 1) Net primary production (NPP)= light -intial 2) Respiration=intial -dark 3)Gross Primary Production(GPP)=light -dark initial -oygen level in the experiment water body initially light -oxygen level in the light bottle after 1 day dark-oxygen level in the dark bottle after 1 day

How does light affect egg production?

its shines into the egg for the little babys chickens

What four abiotic factors that effect the survival and reproduction of organisms?

Dissolved gasses, light intensity, pH level, and water availibility.

What are some factors that would affect the electrical production of a photovoltaic cell?

darkness. it needs light to work

How does light affect the Calvin cycle?

The rate of O2 production would decrease because the rate of ADP and NADP+ production by the Calvin cycle would decrease.

What is the role of a primary producer in a food chain?

Primary production is the production of organic compounds from atmospheric or aquatic carbon dioxide. It may occur through the process of photosynthesis, using light as a source of energy, or chemosynthesis, using the oxidation or reduction of chemical compounds as a source of energy. Almost all life on earth is directly or indirectly reliant on primary production. The organisms responsible for primary production are known as primary producers or autotrophs, and form the base of the food chain. In terrestrial ecoregions, these are mainly plants, while in aquatic ecoregions algae are primarily responsible. Primary production is distinguished as either net or gross, the former accounting for losses to processes such as cellular respiration, the latter not.

What are the factors affecting primary productivity of the marine environment?

Available nutrients are usually limiting factors. This includes the usual elements like Nitrogen and Phosphorous to name a few; there are many others nutrients required as well.There are other abiotic (maybe less obvious) factors that affect primary production in marine environments:-turbulence and critical depth-light-biosphere production-pollution (note: this is not typically considered to have a large influence, though I still find it worth mentioning :p)There are biotic factors that influence primary production as well, just on a small scale in the grand scheme of things.

Why the sun is the primary source of light?

the sun is the primary source of light

What is photosynthesis and how can it affect rice production?

Photosynthesis is when light energy is converted by the chlorophyll in plants' leaves into glucose and oxygen, described by the equation:- carbon dioxide + water ----> glucose +oxygen As for how it can affect rice production, the higher the rate of photosynthesis, the more rice produced.