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it helps get rid of cancer and it helps with arthritis and it makes us really happy


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Possibly not "proven", but it is common knowledge that marijuana has that effect; many 'legal' users of marijuana have it for that purpose.

Marijuana users are often called potheads, lowlifes, etc. It's usually portrayed in a bad way. People don't look at marijuana users as well off individuals.

Another chemical component, cannabidiol, known as CBD, has a sedative and mildly analgesic effect, and contributes to a somatic heaviness sometimes experienced by marijuana users.

There isn't. Marijuana use alone is a crime.

Opinion only .....Marijuana makes you lazy and dumb without any ambition or empathy and society (or your family) has to pretend you dont exist, so..users tend to not do ANYTHING AT ALL.

Very little is understood about the effect marijuana has on our eyes. Marijuana effects defferent people differently.

Marijuana is a mild depressant

they don't know if it is really marijuana they are getting

It does not, at least not by much. Long term heavy users of Marijuana may have a slightly reduced sperm count, but it does not make them sterile or impotent, and it certainly doesn't act as birth control!

Longitudinal studies of adolescent marijuana users show that marijuana harms developing brains, with a difference in IQ of about 8 points between users and non-users of the drug. The studies also show that these IQ points are not recovered in adulthood after quitting. It isn't necessarily due to decreased blood flow, but the drug's effect on the developing brain (brains keep developing until age 25 or 26)

Marijuana can impact most heavy users financially, it depends on how frequent the user uses Marijuana.

Of course it does. If u spmoke Marijuana it is in your mouth. It does of course effect your speech

Marijuana in and of itself will not effect the taste buds. However, marijuana can increase your appetite, making food more appealing.

Who ever thinks that's the smoke doesn't affect who they smoke around is dumb. Its called contact high.

Why does it effect you? Because the plant contains chemicals that get you "high" such as THC (main ingredient in marijuana that is a psychoactive chemical.

smoke marijuana can affect a pregnancy test?

Marijuana affects the society by causing death and pollution.

No marijuana will not effect a pregnancy test, hCG and THC are two very different things.

It is likely that use of marijuana would be a factor that would not be in the users favor.

This varies by user. Some marijuana smokers do not believe that those around them will be affected by their smoke (although this is false) but many are aware that it can bother those around them or even cause them to feel symptoms of being 'high.'

can marijuana contribute to tachacarda minimal use for sleep only

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