How does microwaves affect your heath?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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microwaves heat up tissue, so basically it burns.

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Q: How does microwaves affect your heath?
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How do microwaves affect the water?

microwaves vibrate water molecules in food to create heat

How do batteries affect the microwave?

You don't use batteries in microwaves.

How does the quetta weather affect the population?

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What devices commonly affect wireless LANS?

Wireless Phones and Microwaves.

Can you keep a fish bowl on top of a microwave?

Microwaves give off well, microwaves and electromagnetic radiation; the waves may affect your fish's health.

How do vitamins affect the growth of plants?

it affects them because vitamins also affect human heath

What two devices commonly affect wireless LANs?

Wireless Phones and Microwaves.

Can a drop of rain affect someones health?

No it cant it can make someone better but it cant affect there heath

Are microwaves a form of light?

There is no good answer. Energy per wave goes up as frequency. But you can get cooked by light, and microwaves can warm you pleasantly, or not affect you at all.

How did the great depression affect health?

people dint have a lot of money for there heath

How do microwaves affect your body?

It depends on the wavelength, and the intensity. Most microwaves pass through us with no issues. Microwaves used for heating water will heat our tissues, causing damage / death. Microwaves used in older radar guns caused bone cancer when the patrolmen using those guns layed them on their legs between reading vehicle speeds.

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