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Q: How does mining affect schools?
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Does mining have an affect on the animals?

no mining does not have anything to do with mining i think i don't really no but i think it has nothing to do with animals

How does legislations affect work in schools?

How does legislation affect affect schools

How does mining affect deforestation?


What has the author Charles E Locke written?

Charles E. Locke has written: 'Mining engineering' -- subject(s): Mining engineering, Mining engineers, Mining schools and education

Does mining topaz affect the environment?

what are the environmental concerns surrounding the mining of the mineral topaz

How can gold mining affect the atmosphere?


Does mining affect the cell cycle?


How does ruby mining affect the environment?

because it is

How does cyanide affect the environment during mining?

Cyanides (NaCN or KCN) are not used in uranium mining and recovery, but it is used in gold mining.

How does mining affect the Amazon?

The mining is causing global warming and deforestation is getting even worst

Does the mining of obsidian affect the environment?

The mining of obsidian can absolutely affect the environment. Any mining in general can strip the Earth of valuable natural resources. Using heavy machinery and processing the ore can be detrimental as well.

How did hydraulic mining affect the California waterways?

In the Gold Rush. hydraulic mining was a law to protect the enviorment! Hydraulic mining can ruin the enviorment!