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First off, the substance needs to be soluble in water, otherwise it won't form any crystals, it will just sit there and look a bit sad. It's also important to note that it helps if the substance is a solid.

When you dissolve enough of a substance in a certain volume of water, no more of it will dissolve. This is because the water can only hold so much dissolved substance and reaches a point called saturation, which is the point where no more substance will dissolve. At this point, keep adding more solid and supersaturation occurs. Basically, the solid has nowhere else to go but other bits of solid floating undissolved in solution. This causes them to clump together and they naturally form a crystalline structure (a method used in forming drug molecules for pharmaceuticals into tablets actually).

There's an answer, there's an example of when it occurs too for free. !

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Q: How does mixing a substance in water allow crystals to form?
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If mixing a substance with water forms a suspension does the substance have a high or low solubility in water?

low solubility

What type of matter is in a beaker that has chloride crystals and water?

A pure substance

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water is a substance, made of oxygen and hydrogen, because mixing ox and hyd would give nothing but explosion, water is an effect of chemical reaction, not only mixing gases

What substance is formed when 0.1M silver nitrate was mixed in water with salt?


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salt crystals insidle tthe substance

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No. After mixing them, they settle into two separate layers (oil above the water) without any new substance formed.

Crystals can form as water evaporates or if too much of a substance is dissolved in water?

Water being evaporated salts remain as residues.

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