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How does molecular shape affect polarity?

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generally looking at the structures of the molecules we can say wether that molecules is polar or non polar. generally linear and square planer molecules are non polar. further more diatomic molecules like (N2,O2,H2,I2,F2,Cl2,Br2) are non polar. all nobel gases are non polar.Yes, polar bond can give rise to a polar molecule, depending on the molecular shape, causing different types of changes.

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Apex- If the molecule is symmetrical, the effects of polarity will cancel out.
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thanks Anonymous of october

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What is the polarity and molecular shape of HF?

Polarity of HF is nonpolar and it's molecular shape is linear.

How do you use molecular shape to predict molecular polarity?

if molecular shape is symmatrical then its non-polar but if it is non symmatrical then its polar.

How does polarity affect melting points?

When the molecular polarity increase, the melting and boiling points are increased also.

What is the molecular shape and polarity of H2CO?

Formaldehyde has a nonpolar trigonal planar molecule.

What is the effect of molecular polarity on behavior?

Explain the effect of molecular polarity on behaviour.

How can you tell if there is a dipole moment or not?

A dipole moment is defined as a measure of the molecular polarity of a compound; the magnitude of the partial charges on the ends of a molecule times the distance between them (in meters). In order for there to be a dipole moment the element must must have molecular polarity which results from molecules with a net imbalance of charge (often a result of differences in electronegativity). If the molecule has more than two atoms, both shape and bond polarity determines the molecular polarity. In general look for a difference in electronegativity of the elements of a molecule which results in polarity and thus a possible dipole moment. Note that molecular shape influence polarity so molecules with the same elements but a different shape (and vice versa) won't have the same dipole moment.

When does a shape of a molecule affect its polarity?

when the molecule contains polar bond

When does the shape of a molecule affect its polarity?

when the molecule contains polar bonds

What is molecular solvation?

Molecular solvation: polarity of a solute is attracted to the polarity of the solvent. No ions are formed.

What is the polarity and molecular shape of O2?

This molecule, like all other diatomic gas elements, is non-polar and has a rod-like shape.

What is the molecular polarity for s8?

A sulfur molecule has zero polarity.

What is the shape and polarity of silane?

the shape of silane is tetrahedral and the polarity is ionic

What is the molecular shape for ammonia?

the ammoniun ion has a tetrahedral molecular shape. It has four groups of electrons surrounding the nitrogen atom. The fact that the ion has an overall charge does not affect the shape.

What is the molecular polarity of HBr?


What is the molecular polarity of CH4?


What is the molecular polarity of Ethane?


How does the shape of a molecule affect the polarity of the molecule?

C.A molecule that has a symmetrical shape will be a nonpolar molecule.

How does polarity affect the molecular properties of a molecule?

It makes it either soluble or partially soluble with water and other polar molecules

What is the shape and polarity of phosphine?

The shape is trigonal pyramidal Polarity is non-polar

The molecular shape of SCl2 is?

The molecular shape is as a bent.

What is the difference between individual bond polarity and molecular polarity?

bond polarity is the polarity particular bond within a molecule, while molecular polarity is the polarity of the whole molecule. take for example water (H20): you could find the bond polarity of each H-0 bond (polar covalent), or the polarity of the whole molecule together (polar, because the electronegativity of oxygen is higher than the hydrogen atoms)

Molecular polarity of C2H2?

i think it's nonpolar

Is Molecular polarity associated with covalent bonds?


What is true about the effect of lone pairs on the molecular shape?

Lone pairs do not affect the shape of diatomic molecules, and Lone pairs are electrons that are not in bonds. Lone pairs do not affect the shape if they are not on the central atom.

How does the structure of water affect its polarity?

The Lewis structure of a water molecule shows Oxygen has a single bond with each Hydrogen atom and two non-bonding electron pairs. Therefore, the electron geometry is Tetrahedral and the molecular geometry is Bent. This bent molecular geometry is what gives water its polarity.