How does mrs cratchit feel toward Scrooge?

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For most of the story, she resents and despises him for a hard master to her husband and his lack of compassion for others. She's willing for her husband to defend him and, as a good Christian woman, would welcome him into her home. By the end of the book, she's seen the change in Scrooge and she comes to love him.
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Why does Scrooge send the Cratchits a turkey?

Even in 1843, a turkey was an emblem of fullness and prosperity -- something only the wealthy could afford. Scrooge gave this to the Cratchits to ensure that they would have a feast they deserved, as a kind and loving family.

Why did Bob Cratchit toast Scrooge?

Because Bob (somehow) sincerely believed that Scrooge was worthy of thanks for this meal. Mrs. Cratchit (obviously) disagreed.

Why did Bob Cratchit put up with Scrooge?

At that time work was scarce in Britain. Any jobs had to be helddown no matter what or how the employee was treated because unlessthere was work no-one had money for food, warmth or shelter.

Was Scrooge Bob Cratchits boss?

That is correct. Scrooge under-paid Cratchit, treated him badly, knew nothing about his home life, threatened to fire him, and (apparently) barely viewed him as a human being. But he was Cratchit's boss.

Why did elizabeths feeling toward mr darcy begin to change?

Her feelings towards him began to change because she realized just how wrong she was about him. Everything that she had once thought was true about him was actually wrong. His pride was well deserved and all his dealings with Wickham had be just and fair.

How is Scrooge affected by seeing the Cratchit family?

He gets this feeling of love/care when he sees Cratchit and his family at the dinner table and when he sees Tiny Tim. He regrets his actions towards Cratchit and he wants to make him feel better. He experiences to love, joy, caring, and kindness by just looking at their happy family.

Where did the spirit take Scrooge after they left the cratchits?

The Ghost of Chritasm Present takes Scrooge to the Mines of Walesand then to a light house and Freds home. The Ghost of ChristmasYet To Come took him to Scrooges office where someone else was nowworking and then to the Graveyard where Scrooge would see hisTombstone

How does Scrooge send a turkey to Bob Cratchit?

Scrooge sees a boy passing by his home and gets the child to go and buy the "Prize Goose" that is on display at the localPoulterer's. He then sends the Goose to the Cratchit's by way of the Poulterer,and remains anonymous as a result. Because of the distance he evenpaid for a cab.

Why does Scrooge visit the Cratchits?

On the first occasion to she how they lived and to understand bobslife . On the second occasion it was to witness the impact of TinyTims death on the family should he not get the medical help needed.

How is Mr Fezziwig significant toward Scrooge?

Fezziwig treated the young Scrooge well. He paid for and held aChristmas party which was to show Scrooge that treating empoyeeswell didn't need to cost much but made the employees feel betterand more enriched.

How is Scrooge and cratchit alike?

They are not alike. Scrooge is a mean individual who cares for noone whilst Bob is a meek and mild loving family man who tries tosee the good in everyone

What good news does Scrooge give cratchit?

He tells Bob that he is going to raise his salary. Then he tellshim to buy another coal scuttle and bulk up the fire before he dotsanother "I" or crosses another "t"

How are Scrooge and cratchit alike?

Thye are not alike . Scrooge is a cold misery old man who careslittle for anyone whilst Bob is a loving father who tries t see thegood in all and takes time to be part of a loving family despitehis poverty

How does Ebenezer Scrooge treat Martha Cratchit?

In the original script Ebenezer does not have contact with MrsCratchit only with Tiny Tom and Bob.. The story suggest that hebecomes like another father to Tim. the assumption is to be drawnthat he grows closer to the family and of course to Mrs Cratchit.

Where had mr cratchit been?

Ther are two references to places Bob Cratchit went to . In earlytext he was with Tiny Tim in Church on Christmas Day and in stave 4he was in the grave yard looking to see where Tiny Tim would beburied

How does Scrooge treat Bob Cratchit?

Initially appallingly - typical of the time and in contact of themessage Dickens was trying to portray about the way lower classpeople were being treated. However, this changes as Scrooge seesthe error of his ways.

Why does mrs. Cratchit have reddened eyes?

Mrs Cratchit blames the light and the colours she is sewing butthis is the time when Tiny Tim dies and therefore is a sign of hergrief as Bob is visiting the graveyard to look at the site of Timsfinal resting place

What does mrs. cratchit say about Scrooge?

Many strong words. She calls him a miserly old man and tells Boboff for even bringing the name to their Christmas table. Shebusinesslike Scrooge with a vengeance for his treatment of poor Bob

How is Mrs. Cratchit in A Christmas Carol?

During their Christmas dinner Bob Cratchit offers a toast toScrooge as the founder of the feast. Mrs Cratchit is appalled asare the children that Scrooge who is horrible to Bob would have hishealth toasted but she does go along with it for Bobs sake andbecause its Chrostmas

How is Bob cratchit able to work with scrooge?

At that time in London there were so many people moving in to thecity seeking work and a better life that the city was at breakingpoint, food was scares, accommodation as terrible , work wasscarce, the levels of homelessness and deprivation wereunimaginable so to have any job that paid was to be hel ( Full Answer )

How does seeing the Cratchit Christmas impact Scrooge?

Scrooge sees two things. Firstly how he misses the comfort andwarmth of family together at Christmas something he had not had inhis very early years and also he learns about how loyal Bob is ashis emplyee despite how harshly Scrooge treats him. The reaction ofMrs Cratchit brings it home to Scrooge

Why does the spirit show the Cratchit family to Scrooge?

Its for Scrooge to see what a loving family with very littleresource does at Christmas and to show just how faithful Bob hisemployee is to him. It also gives us the chance to see how Scroogereacts to seeing Tiny tim and here were note a softening inScrooges hardened front. It is clear that in all th ( Full Answer )

Is Mrs. Cratchit a caring person?

Very much so. Despite her reluctance to toast Mr Scrooge thefounder of the feast she realises its for Bob and does so. Later wesee her sewing and complaining her eyes and sore when in fact sheis shedding a tear for her lost little boy Tiny Tim (as foretold asmight happen by the Ghost of Christmas Pr ( Full Answer )